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comprises the organ of corti

all anatomical structures within the scala media

supportive cells

"support" the organ of corti either metabolically or structurally

receptor cells

hair cells in the organ of corti

Inner/Internal Hair Cells

receptor cells that respond to movement of the basilar membrane caused by the hydraulic wave generated in the scala media - are aligned in a single row running the length of the cochlea

Outer/External Hair Cells

receptor cells that respond to movement of the basilar membrane cause by the hydraulic wave generated in the scala media - aligned in three rows running the length of the cochlea

Basilar Membrane

receptor cells sit on top the most flexible part of this structure that arises from the spiral lamina

spiral lamina

a bony shelf that supports the basilar membrane on the modilous, centeral (left) side of the cochlea

spiral ligament

the oppisite end support of the basilar membrane - is a thick lining of the bony lab. that anchors the basilar membrane to the lateral wall of cochlea

amplitude, hydraulic wave, cochlea

basilar membrane moves with the most _ in response to _ generated _

stria vascularis

located laterally (above) the spiral ligament - responsible for maintaining the proper chemical concentrations for endolymph, the fluid inside the cochlear duct

reticular lamina

a thin delicate membrane that holds the inner and outer hair cells gently yet firmly in place - the cells poke through this membrane at the base of the hair cell

tectorial membrane

where the tops of the hair cells extend towards and embed in - extends over the superior surface of the organ of corti


the inner hair cells during embryotic development - a single large hair that disappears during the latter part of fetal development


the true sensors to hair cells

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