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  1. elegy
  2. assonance
  3. figurative language
  4. Gwendolyn Brooks
  5. context
  1. a writing or speech meant to be understood imaginatively instead of literally
  2. b the conditions under which a literary work occurs closely related to setting, but focuses more on the environment of the time and place
  3. c "The Bean Eaters"
  4. d has a formal tone that laments the death of someone
  5. e the repetition of vowel sounds

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  1. the way a writer uses language to reflect his or her unique personality and attitude toward topic, form, and audience
  2. a poem that tells a story and is written in four-to-six line stanzas, usually meant to be sung, rhyming
  3. "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening"
  4. a regular rhythmic pattern in poetry. determined by the number of beats or stresses in each line
  5. a figure of speech in which an animal, thing, force of nature, or an idea is described as if it were human or is given human characteristics

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  1. Marilyn Chin"The Floral Apron"


  2. speakerthe character who speaks in or narrates the poem


  3. odea poem to honor or praise someone or something


  4. lyric poema poem that tells a story


  5. blank verseunrhymed poetry with a rhythmic pattern known as iambic pentameter