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Who accepts HCPCS codes


How long may it take when a new cpt code is bused before an insurance company has a mandatory value assignment

6 months

Can you find the number of follow up days that are allowed after surgery in the cpt codebook


what is the RVS

book that contains a code list of procedure with uint values that indicate relative value of various services

Who was the RBRVS developed for

center for medicare and medicaid services/physicains

what is included in the surgical package for non-medicare cases

operation local infilteration digital block tropical anetthesia normal uncomplicated post-op care

what is included in a global surgery policy and surgical package

post operative visists in and out of the hospital and difgital block or tropical anesthesia

how do you code lacerations when multiple lacerations are repaired in the same body area

add the lengths of all lacerations and report them with a single code

what is the largest section of the CPT

surgery section

what do you do when a service is performed that is not listed in the cpt codebook

use a code with a description stating unlisted

define bundling

grouping of codes togetrher that are related to a pocedure

what does RBRVS stand for

resource-based relative value scale

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