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the genes an organism has for a trait


the trait produced by genes


different forms of a gene that cause slightly different variations of a trait


describes an organism with two different alleles for a trait


describes an organism with two of the same alleles for a trait


the allele that masks the recessive


the allele that is masked by the dominant


cross which investigates just one trait


cross which investigates two traits at the same time


the separation of the 2 alleles for a trait into different gametes

independent assortment

rule which states that alleles for 2 different traits segregate into gametes independently of each other


both alleles are expressed in the heterozygote; neither allele is recessive

incomplete dominance

neither allele is fully dominant or recessive; the heterozygote is a mixture of the dominant and recessive trait

multiple alleles

type of inheritance where there are more than 2 alleles in the population for a given trait

polygenic inheritance

many sets of genes, not just one, work together to produce a trait


chance that a child will have a recessive trait if both parents are carriers

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