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Illinois Government

French, French and Indian War
territory of the ...... until ......
Virginia, 1778
county of ....... until ....
Northwest Territory, 1787
became part of ....... in ....
made territory in ....
December 3, 1818
date Illinois became a state
What number state in the Union is it?
Kaskaskia, Vandalia
1st 2 capitals of Illinois before Springfield
1839, Springfield
When and where did the capital move to its current location?
Present constitution adopted
1818, 1848, 1870
years 1st 3 constitutions of Illinois adopted
U.S. constitution (includes bill of rights)
Illinois state gov't patterned after
How many members does Illinois House of Representatives have?
How many senators does Illinois Senate have?
Illinois National Guard
Like the president, the governor is the commander-in-chief for the..........
Lt. Governor
"vice" governor
How many judges does Illinois Supreme Court have?
10 years
How long do Supreme Court justices in Illinois serve?