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  1. Materials/Activities for Infants/Toddlers
  2. Grades 3-5 Emotional
  3. Grades 3-5 Cognitive
  4. Grades 3-5 Social
  5. Materials/Activities for School Age Children
  1. a Balls, gross motor skill activities, puzzles, board games, construction materials, art activities, sports, etc.
  2. b Reading to, talking to, singing to child. Playing (classical) music, rattles, nesting blocks, peekaboo, unbreakable mirrors
  3. c Exhibit growing independence.
  4. d Like working in groups and learning from peers.
  5. e Begin to think logically and abstractly.

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  1. Look for patterns in their environment.
  2. Begin comparing themselves with others, show strong attachment to adults, desire stable/nurturing environment, exhibit growing independence.
  3. Often opt for same-sex friends.
  4. Eager to hear language, they explore and learn through sensory and motor experiences. Hearing, touching, and seeing, mainly.
  5. Egocentric. Learn to share and the importance of others. Fascinated by adults and caregivers

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  1. Grades 3-5 EmotionalReact strongly to people and events.


  2. Grades 3-5 SocialDevelop relatively stable groups of friends.


  3. Social Development of Preschool Age ChildrenEnjoys group activities, same sex play mates, very social, mix easily


  4. Grades 3-5 SocialPlace high priority on making friends and being liked.


  5. Cognitive Development of School Age ChildrenEnjoy hands on activities, begins to think logically/abstractly, like to talk, tell stories and explain. Uses descriptive vocabulary, develops an understanding of classroom rules, structure and purpose.