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  1. Grades 3-5 Social
  2. Cognitive Development of School Age Children
  3. Materials/Activities for School Age Children
  4. Social Development of School Age Children
  5. Materials/Activities for Infants/Toddlers
  1. a Enjoy hands on activities, begins to think logically/abstractly, like to talk, tell stories and explain. Uses descriptive vocabulary, develops an understanding of classroom rules, structure and purpose.
  2. b Reading to, talking to, singing to child. Playing (classical) music, rattles, nesting blocks, peekaboo, unbreakable mirrors
  3. c Often opt for same-sex friends.
  4. d Balls, gross motor skill activities, puzzles, board games, construction materials, art activities, sports, etc.
  5. e Enjoys group activities, same sex play mates, very social, mix easily

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  1. Like working in groups and learning from peers.
  2. Begin comparing themselves with others.
  3. Develop relatively stable groups of friends.
  4. React strongly to people and events.
  5. Begin to think logically and abstractly.

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  1. Grades 3-5 CognitiveDevelop deeper interest in the subjects they study and are able to learn more independently than they did in earlier grades.


  2. Cognitive Development of an InfantEager to hear language, they explore and learn through sensory and motor experiences. Hearing, touching, and seeing, mainly.


  3. Grades 3-5 PhysicalOften opt for same-sex friends.


  4. Physical Development of Infant/ToddlerFine Motor Dev: Reaching/Grasping. Gross Motor Dev: Crawling, standing, walking. Like to manipulate small objects. Enjoy painting, water play, etc but need significant amount of rest and sleep.


  5. Grades 3-5 CognitiveEnjoy hands on activities that relate to the real world and to their own experiences.