African American Facts & Trivia


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What is the name of the first black Greek fraternity for college students?
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated
What did Madam C. J. Walker invent in 1905 that was sold door-to-door?
Hair care preparations for African-Americans
Who was the first African American chosen as "Miss America"?
Vanessa Williams
Who was the first African American to win a medal in the Winter Olympics?
Debi Thomas
Dorothy Height was the president of what organization?
National Council of Negro Women
Who was the first African American to attend the U.S. Naval Academy?
Henry Conyers
Who provided the voice for Darth Vader in the movie Star Wars?
James Earl Jones
Who won the French Legion of Honor award for her work in entertaining the World War II allies?
Josephine Baker
In 1972, who became the first woman candidate for president of the United States?
Shirley Chisholm
Who was responsible for starting Black History Week?
Carter G. Woodson
Who received her pilot's license in 1922, making her the first African American woman aviator?
Bessie Coleman
What is the name of Oprah Winfrey's TV production company?
Dorie Miller responded quickly during what attack, making him the first American hero of World War II?
Attack on Pearl Harbor
What occupation do Iman, Beverly Johnson, and Naomi Campbell have in common?
Fashion model
What was the name of the network of hiding places, which helped slaves escape to freedom?
Underground Railroad
What is the name of the first black Greek sorority for college students?
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated
The term "jumping the broom" refers to what?
Wedding ceremony
Who wrote the song "Lift Every Voice and Sing"?
James Weldon Johnson
What Harlem theater is a showcase for African American talent?
The Apollo
Kunta Kinte was one of the characters in what Alex Haley book?
What is the stage name of female rapper Dana Owens?
Queen Latifah