Unit 7: North and West Africa: Unit 8: Central, Eastern, and Southern Africa

this country is home to the fabled city of timbuktu
it was the center of islamic learning in ancient times.
the king made a flamboyant hajj to mecca and gave out large supplies of gold
atlas moutons cover much of this country
8 miles from spain across the strait of gibraltar
this country voted last summer to split into two separate countries.
arab muslims in the north
christian farmers in the south
the country was recently freed from the rule of a dictator Muhammad Qaddafi, by a multi- national effort
this country overture its dictator, Ben Ali in 2011 and started the 'Arab Spring'.
ancient city of carthage was located here
along with togo and nigeria this country was home to the yoruba; famous for bronzes
defeated the USA in world cup soccer twice
exports gold, diamonds, and bauxite
per capita that is twice that of the poorest african country
became africas first independent black nation in 1847 as a homeland for freed slaves; most from america
the boy pharaoh who died at a young age
his tomb wasn't discovered until 1921
remarkable chinese explorer and admiral
reached africa around 1414
Zheng He
type of protest music
egyptian god of the underworld
explorer who rounded the Cape of Good Hope in 1488
Bartholomew Dias
open air marketplaces
the christian church in Egypt
coptic christian
european country which started the slave trade in europe
largest statue in egypt
great sphinx
organs removed from body during mummification are stored in these
canopic jars
statuettes buried with the dead in ancient egypt to perform tasks for the desceased
egyptian god of embalming
protector of mummies
what were the main products traded in the empires of ghana, mali, and songhai?
salt and gold
what is a necropolis?
cemetery of an ancient city
what is the most famous necropolis on earth
Valley of the Kings
colorful cloth woven by the ashanti of ghana is
a steep slope with a nearly flat plateau on top
a narrow band of dry grassland that runs east to west along the southern edge of the sahara
river flooded gradually and regularly, enabling the egyptians to be successful farmers
huge stores of underground water under the sahara are called
worlds largest desert
abundant resources in africa
only 20% of the sahara consists of sand (T or F)
"mummy unwrapping parties" were all the rage in Victorian England (T or F)
what island off the coast of senegal was the location of a slave fort that eventually 20 million slaves went through
goree island
in the yoruba religion, diviners or fortune tellers are called
the yoruba trickster figure
the yoruba believed that ____ brought good fortune
which country has a 35% literacy rate, poor roads and transportation system, and once produced some of the worlds highest-quality diamonds
sierra leone
a natural depression in the surface of the land often with a lake at the bottom of it
worlds longest river
nile river
a long narrow valley with steep sides
rift valley
one of africas highest mountains
mount kilimanjaro
steep slope with a nearly flat plateau on top
water that has come to the surface in a desert
grassland in northern tanzania
serengeti plain
uppermost layer of branches
region that contains most of niger's oil
niger delta
expansion of dry conditions into moist areas that are next to deserts
dam on the nile river in egypt which increased Egypt's farmable land by 50% and protected it from droughts and floods
aswan high dam
most continuous known record of humanity
olduvai gorge
important trading capital from the 1-8 century in what is now ethipoia
berlin conference
conference between european countries to avoid fighting for land and lay down rules for dividing africa
cash crop
grown for direct sale
coffee, tea, and sugar
east african ethnic group that lived in the grasslands of the rift valleys in Kenya and Tanzania
uncontrollable outbreak of disease
one of the great cities of ancient africa
people rely on family lineages to govern themselves rather than an elected government or monarch
stateless society
mass migration of people spreading their cultures and languages throughout africa
bantu migrations
belgian king who opened up the african interior to european trade along the congo river and controlled the area now known as Congo Free State
king leopold II
wooden masks with painted facial features and carved boxes that contain the skulls and bones of the desceased
fang sculpture
great zimbabwe
shona established city which is now in Zimbabwe
state founded in the 15th century by a man named mutota and that extended throughout all of the present day zimbabwe
mutapa empire
complete separation of the races
one of the leaders of ANC who led a struggle to end apartheid and was elected president in 1994
nelson mandela
charles taylor
president of liberia
forced children to work as child soldiers
tried and convicted of crimes against humanity
Otto von bismark
man responsible for bringing together berlin conference
social darwinism
belief that people should be loyal to their nation, the people with whom they share land, culture, and history
king mswati III
last absolute monarch
joseph dsir mobutu
dr. livingston
a missionary, physician, and explorer who searched for the source of the nile and crossed the continent of africa from coast to coast
joseph conrad
traveled to Africa in 1889; captain of a Congo river steamboat.
FW de Klerk
freed mandela
helped end apartheid
became vice president of South Africa under mandela
henry morton stanley
journalist who uttered the famous words "Dr. Livingston I presume" and was later employed by king leopold to explore central africa
edward morel
Launched 1st international human rights movement
mobutu sese seko
the corrupt and extravagant dictator of present day democratic republic of congo, who fled the country in 1997
changed the name of congo to Zaire
this island established by portugese was the first place used by europeans for trade in african slaves
sao tome
what resources did leopold plunder from congo
what river drains more than 1.3 million square miles and crosses the equator twice
congo river
only what remained free of european control by 1914
eithiopia and liberia
at the berlin conference the belgium king was given
control of nearly a million miles and the congo
the great city of zimbabwe was established by the
worlds leader in diamond production
policy of complete separation of the races
one of the leaders of the ANC
nelson mandela
empire extended through most of Zimbabwe
4000 white farmers own 1/3 of the best land in this country of 10 million blacks
europeans that caused the downfall of the mutapa empire
trickster figure for the San bushmen
awarded nobel peace prize in 1993
nelson mandela and deklerk
who defeated zulu in zulu war in 1879
british defeated zulu
lake which forms part of the western border of tanzania and longest lake in the world
lake tanyika
east african ethnic group is known for their intricate beadwork and jewelry as well as using wooden plugs to increase the size of holes
first known inhabitants of rwanda
after world war 1 _____ took over control of rwanda
tallest free standing mountain in the world
mount kilimanjaro
displayed in the bronx zoo in 1906
ota benga
in 1895 rwanda became part of
german east africa
the aswan dam is located here
and ancient civilization started here thousands of years ago
second most industrialized nation in africa
these islands were uninhabited when the portugese arrived in 15th century
sierra leone
example of a stateless society
the igbo live in this country
most populous country in africa