African American Science & Discovery


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Who performed the world's first open-heart surgery?
Dr. Daniel Hale Williams
What African American astronaut died in the 1986 space shuttle disaster?
Ronald McNair
Apollo 16 used an ultraviolet camera designed by what African American?
George E. Carruthers
What African American scientist discovered new information on how genes are linked together?
Percy Julian
Who was the first man to discover the North Pole and to plant the American flag there?
Matthew Henson
Who invented the three-way traffic light?
Garrett A. Morgan
What notable scientist, astronomer, and inventor was commissioned to help layout Washington, D.C.?
Benjamin Banneker
Who became the only African American member of the famous "Edison Pioneers," Thomas Edison's collaborators?
Lewis Howard Latimer
Where is Meharry Medical College located?
What breakthrough medical procedure was performed by Dr. Daniel Hale Williams?
Open-heart surgery
What African American patented the corn harvester?
Henry T. Blair
What inventor was instrumental in the development of automatic lubricators for machinery?
Elijah McCoy
Who patented a telephone transmitter that was bought by Bell Telephone?
Granville T. Woods
What African American was called to assist a rescue effort for six workers trapped by a gas explosion using his patented smoke mask?
Garrett A. Morgan
Who used math to predict the eclipse of the sun in 1789?
Benjamin Banneker
Ronald McNair, Charles Bolden, and Frederick Gregory pursued what career?
Who prepared the blueprints for Alexander Graham Bell's telephone?
Lewis Latimer
Where was George Washington Carver's lab?
Tuskegee Institute, Alabama
Who was the first African American to head the Centers for Disease Control?
David Satcher
Who became the first African American U.S. surgeon general?
Joycelyn Elders