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This is a flashcard set describing the decorations on the Parthenon (including info on the sides, act.) Enjoy!

Comes from the Greek word, "Parthenos", meaning "The Virgin"

Meaning of "Parthenon"

Temple to 'blank' goddess


Approx. time of the Acropolis and the Parthenon

5th century BC

Famous sculptor in charge of the decorations


Type of Columns


8 columns wide, 17 columns long


Location of entrance

East side

Material the Parthenon is made of


'blank' were carved into the pediments, metopes and friezes


West pediment

dedicated to the battle between Athena and Poseidon

West metopes

the fight between the Athenians and the Amazons, Amazonomachy

Cannon was fired into the 'blank' side by the 'blanks' in 'blank' year

1. West side
2. Venetians
3. 1681

Today, there is 'blank' on the West Pediment

Nothing. It was taken down because of acid rain

The triangular upper part of the building


A square space between the triglyphs on the Doric frieze


A broad horizontal band of sculpted decoration


North Side

Battle between Trojans and Greeks

East Pediment

Birth of Athena from Zeus' Head

East metopes

The battle the Olympians fought against the giants, gigantomachy

South metopes

The battle between the humans and centaurs, centauromachy

The Parthenon's Theme

Civilized over Savagery, Triumph over chaos

40 ft. Statue of Athena Parthenos

Interior decorations, no longer there

water, reflected the gold

Surrounding the statue

Replica in 'blank'

Nashville, TN

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