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Homeostasis and Equilibrium

the ability of a living thing to keep conditions inside its body constant
a state of balance
the control and coordination of all life functions
life processes
metabolism, responsiveness, movement, growth, differentiation, reproduction
internal environment
The materials and conditions INSIDE of a cell or organism. Compare with "external conditions."
Response to a message
physiological activities
bodily changes as a result of certain emotions
e.g fear -> increase of hear rate
external environment
Refers to the conditions that surround a cell or an organism. These conditions are always different from conditions INSIDE the cell or organism.
Process of shortening or making smaller
toxic substances
harmful substances that can be deadly in high amounts
dynamic equilibrium
continuous movement but no overall change
negative feedback
A process in which a system is turned off by the condition it produces.
a change in an organism's surroundings that causes the organism to react
adaptive characteristics
characteristics that help an organisim survive
hormonal feedback
a hormone in the path exerts negative feedback on the sequence