22 terms

Sociology 101 - Chapter 10

a group of people who share physical characteristics, such as skin color and facial features, that re passed on through reproduction
Ethnic Group
a group of people who identify with a common national origin or cultural heritage that includes language, geographic toots, food, customs, traditions, and or religion
Racial Ethnic Group
a group of people who have both distinctive physical and cultural characteristics
Dominant Group
any physically or culturally distinctive group that has the most economic and political power, the greatest privileges, and the highest social status
a formal system of racial segregation
a group of people who may be subject to differential and unequal treatment because of their physical, cultural, or other characteristics, such as gender, sexual orientation, religion etc
the systematic effort to kill all members of a particular ethnic, religious, political, racial, or national group
Internal Colonialism
the unequal treatment and subordinate status of groups within a country
the physical and social separation of dominant and minorty groups
the process of conforming to the culture of the dominant group and intermarrying with that group
minority groups retain their culture but have equal social standing in society
a set of beliefs that one's own racial group is naturally superior to other groups
an attitude, positive or negative, toward people because of their group membership
an oversimplified or exaggerated generalization about a category of people
the belief that one's own culture, society, or group is inherently superior to others
individuals or groups whom people blame for their own problems or shortcomings
any act that treats people unequally or unfairly because of their group membership
Individual discrimination
harmful action directed intentionally, on a one to one basis, by a member of a dominant group against a member of minority group
Institutional Discrimination
unequal treatment and opportunities that members of minority groups experience as a result of the everyday operations of a society's laws, rules, policies, practices, and customs
Gendered Racism
the combined and cumulative effects of inequality due to racism and sexism
Contact Hypothesis
the idea that the more people get to know members of a minority group personally, the less likely they are to be prejudiced against that group
marriage or sexual relations between a man and a woman of different races