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What do Antony, Octavius and Lepidus make a list of?

People that must die

Under what condition did Lepidus say that he'd allow his brother to be killed?

If Antony killed his nephew too

What does Lepidus have to do?

Find Caesar's will

Why do they need the will?

To reduce Caesar's bequests

What does Antony think of Lepidus?

A man only fit to do errands, shouldn't be part of triumvirate, is like a horse, has to be told what to do

What does Octavius think of Lepidus?

He is an honorable soldier.

Who is Lucilius?

A friend of Brutus

Who is Pindarus?

A servant of Cassius

What does Pindarus think of his master, Cassius?

Honorable and noble

When Brutus asked Lucilius how Cassius treated him, what'd he say?

Not as much respect/kindness as before

What does Brutus mean when he says "Thou hast described a hot friend cooling?"

He's describing Cassius. A person acts artificially to their former friend with fake kindness and loyalty. They don't attempt to show their love. Insincere men show off too much of their spirit.

Where did part of Cassius's army stay while he met up with Brutus?


What does Brutus suggest they do after Cassius accuses him of wronging him?

Cassius should not act or look this angry out in the open since they were in front of the enemy. They should see a good relationship between them instead. He says that they should go inside his tent where Cassius can let out his anger.

What did Cassius accuse Brutus of doing?

Accused and disgraced Lucius Pella of accepting bribes for the Sardians, and that he refused to listen to Cassius's letters to him explaining that he knew the man was innocent.

What did Brutus accuse Cassius of doing?

Giving spots in his arming to people who don't deserve them in return for gold

What does Cassius say to Brutus?

He's the older soldier; more able.

What does Brutus say to Cassius when he said that he was the more able soldier?

He would not budge under Cassius, he doesn't want to have to go through his anger, Cassius was going to swallow his spleen (origin of bad feelings)

What did Brutus accuse of Cassius saying?

that he was the better soldier

When __________ was alive, he wouldn't have dared anger Cassius according to Cassius himself.


Why isn't Brutus scared of Cassius's threats?

B/c he is so honest

Would Brutus rather turn his heart and blood into drachmas/coins than take it from peasants?


When Brutus asked Cassius for gold to help him pay for his army, did he?


Is Brutus said that he ever kept money from his friends like Cassius did, what did he tell the gods to do?

dash him to pieces

Who does Cassius blame on when Brutus said that he refused to help him pay his army?

the messenger that brought the message back

What did Cassius say a friend should do?

"A friend should bear his friend's infirmities, But Brutus makes mine greater than they are."

Cassius said that his heart was richer than...


Why did Cassius offer his heart to the Romans?

B/c they loved him less than they loved Caesar

What does Brutus compare himself and his anger to?

a "hasty spark"

Who does Cassius blame his bad mood on?

the temper he inherited from his mother

Who wants to see Cassius and Brutus since he knows they're fighting with each other?

the Poet

What does the Poet tell Cassius and Brutus?

"Love and be friends, as two such men should be"

Why had Portia killed herself?

From grief for waiting for Brutus for so long to come home, and the fact that Octavius had sided with Mark Antony to form a strong alliance.

How did Portia die?

She swallowed fire

How is Brutus recovering/forgetting about Portia's death and his argument with Cassius?

By drinking wine

Where are Octavius/Antony's army heading toward according to Brutus?


How many/what type of people have Octavius, Antony and Lepidus killed according to Messala?
To Brutus?

100 senators
70 senators

Is Cicero dead? (according to Brutus's resources)


Why can Brutus endure Portia's death?

B/c he knew she had to die eventually

Why does Cassius not want to march to Philippi?

"'Tis better that the enemy seek us. So shall he waste his means, weary his soldiers, doting himself offence (injury), whilst we, lying still, are full of rest..."

Why does Brutus say that they must march to Philippi?

The people in the village nearby are forced to help them, and if Antony/Octavius's army comes, then the villagers will change their alliance to them/attack Brutus/Cassius. If they go to Philippi, they will still fight for them.

What does Brutus think the army should do?

While their army is at its largest, they should fight Antony and Octavius's army while they will have the chance.

What does Brutus's attitude toward Lucius show about him?

A caring person. He actually ordered pillows to be set up in his tent for his servants to sleep on which is something few men in his class would do. He also doesn't tell him to wake up after he has fallen asleep from playing the lute.

How does Brutus know something weird is coming up before he sees the ghost?

His candle was dimming.

Who is the ghost that appears?

Brutus's spirit

What does the ghost predict?

Brutus will seem him again at Philippi.

Did Brutus's servants see anything while they dreamed when they cried out without them knowing?


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