13 terms

Lit test 4

who invented tragedy
who were the tragic playwrights?
aeschylus, sophacles and eurpides
What were mystery plays
depict lives of the saints
What were mortality plays
used bible stories to teach life lessons
What was the most famous morality play? characters of the play?
everyman- fellow ship, knowledge and good deeds
What are interludes?
more comedy and humor-centered on social stereotypes
Most well known example of interlude?
who were the 3 great heroes in english renaisance drama
christopher marlowe, will shakespear and ben johnson
Who wrote the cid
pierre cornelle
who wrote plays that are considered classic comedy?
Who is henrick ibsen
norwegian, responsible for the rise of modern drama - a doll's house
Anton Cheknow
russian, most plays are about aperson being tempted of wordly success, sad, the seagull, uncle vanya, three sisters
What four things does dialect indicate?
regionalism, gender, ethnicity, and social class