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alfred wegner. evidence of fossils puzzle pieces, and rocks

divergent boundary

when two plates move apart. sea floor is spreading. creates mid ocean ridge, rift valley

transform boundary

a plate boundary where two plates move past each other in opposite directions. earthquake activity

convergent boundary

a plate boundary where two plates move toward each other. ocean to ocean. deep sea trenches, subduction. ocean to continent, subduction. continent to continent, collision.

around which geologic features can you find volcano activity


sea floor crust

in the process of sea-floor spreading, new ocean floor forms along earth's mid-ocean ridges, slowly moves outward across ocean basins, and finally sinks back into the mantle beneath deep-ocean trenches. made of basalt

continental crust

The portion of the earth's crust that primarily contains granite, is less dense than oceanic crust, and is 20-50 km thick

what do hot spots create

a trail of volcanoes

what is the difference between passive and active

active-volcanoes are erupting
passive-dormant volcanoes, sediments

what are 3 types of folded mountains


what is the process of a water cap

there was originally a river, but it eroded

local cuesta


local hogbacks

new castle

local domed mountain


local fault block mountain

red bute

local stock


what is the difference between a joint and a fault

a joint doesn't move, a fault moves

what family of rock would be in a folded mountain

sedimentary because of the layers

name 3 ways tectonic plates can slide along the mantle

ridge push
slab pull
mantle convection

where do most mountains form

along a belt of a convergent boundary

what are 3 ways rocks respond to stress

sheer stress

can domed mountains be found in mountain chains


what family of rock would you see a platonic dome mountain


local latholith

la salle

local sill

triangle mountain

local dike

mount daily

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