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yo quisiera un vaso de jugo de naranja

I would like a glass of orange juice

te invite a un cafe

I'll treat you to a coffee

tomo un cafe con leche

I take my coffee with milk

tengo sed. En donde puedo encontrar agua?

I'm thirsty. Where can I find water?

El cafe esta caliente.

The coffee is hot

Que quieres para beber?

What would you like to drink?

yo prefiero...

I prefer...

Siven ustedes...

do you serve...

... esta en la mesa

... is on the table

el hombre elige una sopa

the man chooses a soup

la sandia esta deliciosa

the watermelon is delicious

hay galletas en el plato

there are cookies on the plate

la ensalada es de lechuga

the salad is made up of lettuce

ella elige el dulce

she chooses sweets

yo eligo las verduras

I choose the vegetables

El ... para mi, por favor.

the... for me, please

Agua sin hielo

water without ice

unas tortillas con frijoles y huevos

tortillas with beans and eggs

que tipo de bocadillos tienes?

what kinds of sandwiches do you have?



quieres algo a comer / beber?

Would you like something to eat / drink?

Que quieres comer / beber?

What would you like to eat / drink?

Quiero ver el menu, por favor

I would like to see the menu, please

Quiero pedir una cena ahora

I would like to order now

Para beber, quiero...

to drink, I would like some...

Esto no es lo que he pedido

that's not what I ordered



pienso que hay un error en la cuenta

I think there's a mistake in the bill

Tienes hambre?

are you hungry?

tienen algun plato vegetariano?

do you have any vegetarian dishes?

me puede dar un poco de mantequilla / sal / pimiento?

may I have some butter / salt / pepper?

estaba delicioso

it was delicious

la comida y el servico fueron excelentes

the food and the service were excellent

que recomendarias?

what do you recommend

soy vegetariana

I am a vegetarian

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