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test questions

the one-fifth of the world's populations living in MDC's consumes how much of the world's goods?


development refers to the

improvement in material conditions through diffusion of knowledge and technology

which of the following is NOT a factor that is used to calculate the human development index?

crude birth rate

the more developed regions include all but which of the following?

middle east

according to the HDI, the level of development of Eastern Europe is the closest to that of

latin america

the HDI of the United States

is lower than eight european countries, as well as Australia, Canada, and Japan

which of the following is NOT an indicator of global gender inequality?

women on average have 60 percent of the income of men in MDCs

which of the following is NOT used to determine the gender empowerment measure?

literacy rate of women

the value of a country's total output of goods and services in one year is its


an example of a primary sector activity is


processing of computer information is an example of which sector of the economy?


the tertiary sector includes all but which of the following?


compared to more developed countries, less developed countries have a higher percentage of workers in which sector of the economy?


tertiary sector jobs involve the

provision of goods and services

in more developed countries, employment is increasing in


secondary sector workers in more developed countries produce more with less effort because they

have access to more machines, tools and equipment

while people in less developed countries are less likely to have as many consumer goods as people in more developed countries. what technological device deviates from the pattern?

cell phones

in which region has the HDI declined significantly since 1990?

eastern europe

which region has the lowest adult literacy rate in the world?

sub-saharan africa

compared to less developed countries, more developed countries have higher rates for the following educational characteristics EXECPT

number of teachers per pupil

which of the following is NOT an indicator of a country's level of development?

crude death rate

overall development in latin america is primarily hindered by

inequitable income distribution

the level of development is relatively high in which latin american region?

south atlantic coast

what percentage of people in the world are undernourished?


what percentage of people in africa are undernourished?


what is true about the progress that was made in the 1970's and 1980's in providing food security to areas throughout the world that were experiencing widespread undernourishment or famine?

considerable progress was made - the number of undernourished people declined sharply

what single country accounts for much of the world reduction of undernourishment of the 1970's and 1980's.


in LDCs individuals pay more than half the cost of health care, wheras in most MDCs health care is provided as a public service at little or no cost. what MDC more closely resembles an LDC in this respect?

the united states

in contrast to the international trade approach, the self-sufficiency approach to development

spreads investment through all sectors of the domestic economy

traditional barriers to international investment have included

requiring licenses for importers

a major problem with the self-sufficiency approach is that it requires

the maintenance of a large bureaucracy

according to Rostow's development model, the process of development begins when

a high percentage of national wealth is allocated to nonproductive activities

according to the international trade approach to development, a country should seek economic development by

concentrating scarce resources on expansion of distinctive local industries

promoting development through the international trade approach depends upon

LDCs having an abundant supply of raw materials

why have some middle eastern countries favored the international trade approach to development?

escalating petroleum prices in the 1970s helped finance large-scale projects

development has slowed in southeast asia because of


which of the following is NOT one of the "four dragons" of Asia?


w.w. rostow's five stage model of development ends in what stage?

the age of mass consumption

in recent years, countries such as india have

embraced the international trade approach

which of the following is a problem that is encountered in the international trade approach and that might hinder a country's development?

all of these

a major obstacle to building new infrastructure in less developed countries is

inability to repay loans to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund

what do critics charge are some effects of structural adjustment programs for refinancing loans to LDC's

rise in unemployment and cuts in spending for health, education. and social services

the fair trade movement is based upon a set of


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