Psychology Chap: 1 & 2

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Psychology addresses _____ sides of the human condition.
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The humanistic theory is associated with _________________.Carl RogersThe biological theory believes that most behavior is ___________ and has an ____________ function.inherited evolutionaryA psychiatrist is a _________doctorA psychologist _______ the human mind.studiesa __________ is anything that can vary, change or be changed.variableCorrelation does ________ equal causations. Example: aliens, Earth rain and windshield wipers.notThe _______ variable problem is when two variables appear to be related but their is another unknown variable that is the real link between the two.third____________ ranges from +1.00 to -1.00correlationA correlation coefficient close to +1.00 indicates a strong _________ correlation.positiveA correlation coefficient close to -1.00 indicates a strong _________ correlation.negativeA correlation coefficient close to 0 indicates _________ correlation.zeroWhen their is experimenter influence there is _____________experimenter biasThen their is participant expectation there is ___________________research participant biasThe __________ is when participant expectations dictate the resultsplacebo effectA ____________________ is when neither the researcher or the participants no who belongs to the control r test group during an experiment.double blind experimentPsychology is the scientific study of ________ and ___________behavior mental processesEvidence gathered by careful observation measurement and experimentation is known as ___________empiricalShying away from the negative view of humanity has introduce __________ psychology.positive__________ studies study cause and effectexperimentalExperimental studies are chosen __________randomlyExperimental studies place participants into ___________ or ________ groupsexperimental controlThe _______ of the correlation tells the direction of the relationshipsign__________ studies gives a number that indicates the strength and relationship between two events or measurements.correlation_________ studies observe behaviors and collect detailed information.descriptive_________ studies study subjects over a long period of time.longitudinal_____________ studies use different age groups to sample.cross sectional________ is the ______ taken by adding all the numbers and dividing by the number of numbers.mean average_________ is the point in distribution of the scores that divides the distribution exactly in half, when the numbers are arranged in descending order.median________ is the most frequently occurring score in a set of scores.Mode