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WWI People and Places

People and places during WWI
Franz Ferdinand
archduke of Austria Hungary who was assassinated at Sarajevo by a Serbian terrorist group called the Black Hand; his death was a main cause for World War I
Bosnia housed the Black Hand, a Serbian killed the Archduke and Serbia was supported by Russia, starting WW1.
Growing empire that annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina; declares war on Serbia after assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Kaiser Wilhelm
King of Prussia and Emperor of Germany whose political policies led his country into World War I. He was forced from power when Germany lost the war
British passenger boat sunk by a German submarine that claimed 1,000 lives. One of main reasons America decided to join the war.
Sussex Pledge
A promise Germany made to America, after Wilson threatened to sever ties, to stop sinking their ships without warning.
Woodrow Wilson
28th President of the United States
Czar Nicholas
abdicated his throne because russia was suffering and then he and his family were shot and killed
369th Infantry Regiment
saw the most fighting of the African American soldiers, & are also the most decorated; Croix de Guerre [Cross of War]; highest French award; Henry Johnson & Needham Roberts are most noted [heroes]
Vladimir Lenin
Russian founder of the Bolsheviks and leader of the Russian Revolution and first head of the USSR (1870-1924)
Red Baron
German "ace" (pilot) who shot down over 80 enemy planes during World War I
Eddie Rickenbacker
the most decorated United States combat pilot in World War I (1890-1973)
Alvin York
killed 25 machine-gunners and captured 132 German soldiers when his soldiers took cover; won Congressional Medal of Freedom