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The 3rd party with the greatest importance in the late 19th century was the


The most accurate description o the spoils system is

awarding patronage jobs based on party activism

Which political party expressed ideas that were close to the goals of the Grange?

The populists

The Pendleton Civil Service Act began the move toward

separating partisan politics from attaining government jobs

of the 3 fractions of the republican party which defended the spoils system?


Advocates of high protective tariffs asserted all of the following ideas EXCEPT:

tariffs were needed to restrict competition

The Sherman Antitrust Act:

failed to stop the unfettered growth of large corporations

Bankers' concept of a sound money policy favored

limiting the money supply to maintain property values

Support for the free silver movement was strongest:

with farmers int he South and West

In response to the 1893 depression, President cleveland and much of the government:

did essentially nothing to help those suffering the most

Throughout the 1890s, supreme court decisions tended to:

support the powers of big business

Which party essentially dissovled as a result of the 1896 election:

The People's party

Farmers generally favored:

lower tariffs

Farmers favored inflation because it would

increase crop prices

Bankers supported deflation because this policy would

increase the value of money

Reforms pushed by the Populists included

government ownership of transportation system

The Interstate Commerce Act was passed to:

regulate railroad rates and practices

What was the name of the Populist party platform?

Omaha platform

The major issue of the election of 1896 was


Of the following, which president was assassinated in office?

James Garfield

Which of the following best describes key positions held by the Republican party in Gilded Age?

gold standard, high tariffs, and limits on immigration

Which of the following best describes key positions held by the democratic party in Gilded Age?

increased money supply, lower tariffs, and higher farm prices

Which group, loyal to the Democratic party, called for reform of the spoils system?


In the election of 1900, William Mckinley defeated

William Jennings Bryan

Support for free silver movement was strongest

with Farmers south and west

In August of 1914, as war erupted in Europe, most Americans

felt that America should maintain a neutral role in the conflict

All of the follwing nations belonged to the Central powers EXCEPT


WHo tended not to sympathize with the Allies in the 1st years of the war:

Irish-Americans who thought an Allied defeat could free Ireland from British rule

All of the following statements about the sinking of the Lusitania are true EXCEPT

it led to the immediate American involvement in the Great War

Germany Sussex pledge specifically required to obey international laws regarding war


In the Zimmerman Note, Germany promised

That mexico would regain lost territory in America if it joined the central powers

The War Industries Board was established to organize all of the following EXCEPT

the criteria for drafting soldiers

The head of the Food Administration was

Herbert Hoover

The Committee on Public information

served as the foundation of the government's pro-war propoganda

Government propaganda promoted all of the following themes EXCEPT

discouraging prejudice against German-Americans and antiwar activists

The American protective leaque was desinged to do all o the following EXCEPT

work for the reelection of President Wilson due to his wartime leadership

Major aspects of President Wilson's fourteen points included all of the following EXCEPT


The treaty of Versailles places sole responsibility for the start of WWI on


In october 1917, The Provisional Government in Russia was overthrown and the_____ came to power


The Irreconcilables particiaption int he league of nations because they

emphasizing national unity and conformity of opinion

The only nation not to approve the Versailles treaty was

United States

In 1920 Presidential election, Warren Harding called for

a return to "normalcy"

Which headline would have appeared in 1920?

"Harding New President after Landslide Victory"

What occurred on "Black Tuesday?"

a stock market crash wiped out all the grains of the previous year

The Wall Street Crash

marked the beginning of the depression, but did not cause it

All of the following were causes of the Great Depression EXCEPT

a drop in agricultural production in the mid-1920s

The Depression was prolonged when:

The Federal Reserve Board restricted the nation's money supply

What were Hoovervilles?

a squalid collections of shacks were the homless of America's cities lived

Which statement about women during the depression is NOT true?

firing women usually opened up more jobs opportunities for men

Social effects of the depression included all of the following EXCEPT

higher divorce rates

Which statement about conditions for African Americans during the depression is true?

Blacks were generally the first workers fired and the last hired

The Bonus Army

was dispersed by troops under the command of General Douglas McArthur

FDR defeated Hoover in 1932 for of the following reasons EXCEPT

FDR had announced the specifics of his New Deal package of legislation

"the 100 days" refers to:

active 3 months of FDR's first term of office

FDR's first goal was president was to

strengthen the faltering bank industry

The Federal Emergency Relief Administration

furnished funds to local and state government

European economies were hurt during the Depression when:

U.S companies stopped investing in europe

One of Herbert Hoover's few relief measures was creation of the:

reconstruction finance corporation

The securities and Exchange Commission was created to regulate

The stock Market

Why did RDR declare a "bank holiday" early in his administration

to inspect the financial health of the banks

The Agricultural Adjustment Administration attempted to

raise farm incomes by attacking overproduction

section 7a of the National Industrial Recovery Act

guaranteed workers the right to collective bargaining

A particularly odious part of Fr. Coughlin's criticism of the New Deal was:

his combined message of religion with anti-Semitism

Huey Long felt that RDR should

enact wider social welfare programs

The Social Security Act

established federal responsibility in providing social welfare

All of the following statements are true about the WPA except

despire its good intentions, it provided few jobs for Americans

What was the 2nd New Deal

a wave of legislation including more social welfare benefits

The Election of 1936

revealed that an overwhelming number of Americans supported FDR and the New Deal

The first woman named to a presidential cabinet was Secretary of Labor

Francis Perkins

The Indian Reorganization act

guaranteed religious freedom, and halted the sale of tribal lands

Most Southerns supported the TVA because it

brought jobs and modern conveniences to an impoverished region

The _____ received the most New Deal money on a per capita basis for welfare, relief, and loans


Which of the following did New Deal programs fail to address

protection of domestic workers

"court packing" refers to FDR's proposal to:

assert more presidential control over the makeup of the Supreme court

One of the effect of FDR's "court packing" proposals was

revival of conservative opposition to FDR

Sit-down strikes were so successful that

The supreme court outlawed them

Which of the following acts finally protected labor's right to organize, collectively bargain and strike?

Wagner Act

The recession of 1937 was caused by:

increased in federal borrowing

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