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  1. Cosmogony
  2. Birth of Athena
  3. Ovid
  4. Epithet
  5. Greece Creation Part 2
  1. a byname is a descriptive term (word or phrase) accompanying or occurring in place of a name and having entered common usage
  2. b -Zeus summoned Prometheus and Epimetheus and instructed to go to Earth and create men and animals.
  3. c is any scientific theory concerning the coming into existence, or origin, of the cosmos or universe, or about how what sentient beings perceive as "reality" came to be.
  4. d Zeus ate Metis ("wisdom") and began to have a very bad headache. Hephaestus (God of Forge) split Zeus's head and out comes Athena fully armored.
  5. e Roman Poet.

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  1. -Uranus and Gaia had children, had grand kids
    -Krono's swallowed his children to protect himself.
    -Rhea hid child and gave him a rock
    -Zeus grew up and tricked Krono's into giving up other children.
    -After war, Zeus as their leader, they began to furnish Gaia with life and Uranus with stars.
  2. A traditional, sacred narrative explaining how the world and man come to be in their present forms
  3. Kronos would eat children. Rhea gives Krono's a rock and spares Zues
  4. "Earth"
  5. "The Underworld"

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  1. AphroditeFoam-Born Goddess


  2. Etiological MythsKronos would eat children. Rhea gives Krono's a rock and spares Zues


  3. Didactic LiteratureInclined to teach or lecture others


  4. Eros"Love"


  5. TitanomachyZeus & Siblings vs. Kronos and Titans
    Zeus' Side: Themis, Prometheus, Cyclopes, Hecatonchires.
    Kronos Side: All the other Titans (Atlas)