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the interior voice of a human being within who heart the inner law of God is inscribed

Catholic morality

The way that we life our lives as children of God in response to Jesus under the guidance of the Holy Spirit at work in the Catholic church


the respect owed to all human beings


the gift of the Holy Spirit, participation in God's life

sanctifying grace

a share in God's life, a gift from God that enables the soul to live with him and respond to his friendship

actual grace

the help God gives us for a particular need to help us conform our lives to his will


strict observance of the law without regard to harm you may be inflicting on others


the attitude of doing only the least that is required by the law

moral muscle

pushing ourselves to do more than the minimum--living by the spirit


greek for "duly summoned assembly" also means church


the teaching body of the church

Catechism of Catholic Church

essential and findamental contents of the Catholic doctrine


letters to the pope to all members of the church

lax conscience

when a person does not employ a process of conscientious decision making

informed conscience

a conscience that is educated and developed through constant use and examination

erroneous conscience

when a person follows a process of conscientious decision making but unwittingly makes a wrong decision


when people act contrary to their conscience and purposely choose to do wrong

venial sin

an action that weakens our relationship with God

mortal sin

an action so destructive that it mortally wounds our relationship with God

sin of omission

not doing an action that is called for

sin of commission

purposely doing an action that as harmful to oneself or another


the degree to which people are responsible for their actions


the attributes and features that make up our individuality


good qualities, habits, and patterns of behavior that incline us to life justly


bad qualities, habits and patterns of behavior that incline us to actions that are harmful to ourselves or others.

cardinal virtues

prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance-intellect that exercises that we have control over our actions.


correct judgement about what to do


all people have rights and their basic needs should be met


courage, strength when doncronted with difficulties and perseverance in pursuing that which is good


self control


an action that causes the death of a dying person, sometimes with an attempt to justify the act as a means of eliminating suffering

ordinary means of life support

medical procedures that offer sufficient or reasonable benefits without excessive or undue burdens to the patient or family

extraordinary means of life support

medical procedures that offer little hope and cause burdens to the patient or family

physician assisted suicide

a person who is incurably ill killing himself with the help of a physician


able to bear children


integration of sexuality reflecting unity as body and spirit-responsible sexual expression

recreational sexual intercourse

morally wrong sexual activity as the pursuit of pleasure

emotional sexual intercourse

morally wrong sexual activity presumed as acceptable when two people involved feel love for each other

almost committed sexual intercourse

morally wrong sexual intercourse that presumes is acceptable when two people have expressed commitment, such as during engagement

i think you guys all know what rape is(rape, aquaintance rape, date rape)



sexual attraction toward persons of the same gender


sexual attraction toward persons of the other gender

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