Wordly Wise 3000 Book 6- Lesson 3

15 terms by hsinperu

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adj. More than enough, plentiful. n. A great amount.


adj. Having little or no rainfall; very dry.


adj. Not the same; different or separate. Unmistakable; definite.


v. To feed on growing grass. To touch lightly in passing.


adj. Full of feverish activity, haste, or confusion.


n. A large group or crowd, especially one on the move.


adj. Having a large amount of water or moisture in the air.


adj. Hard or impossible to believe.


v. To live in or on.


n. A piece of land, connected to a larger land mass, that juts out and is almost completely surrounded by water.


adj. Of or relating to the country and the people who live there.


n. A place of safety or shelter. Protection offered by such a place.


n. Magnificence; brilliance of appearance.


n. Filth; misery.


n. An area of land; a region. The surface features of a region.

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