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Drivers Ed (M8)

One method for reducing glare at night is _____.
clean your windshield
Hydroplaning _____.
results in loss of braking, results in loss of steering, and is caused by a buildup of water between the tires and road surface
The use of cruise control can help control a vehicle in snow.
If a driver is blinded by the lights of an oncoming vehicle, he/she should _____.
glance briefly ahead, look to the right, and reduce speed
Approximately _____ % of our driving clues depend on vision.
Overdriving your headlights means _____.
you cannot stop in the distance illuminated by your headlights
A wet roadway is most slippery _____.
when the rain first begins
When driving at night with low beam headlights, the maximum safe speed is _____.
Bridges freeze before road surfaces
In fog, you should use _____.
low beam lights
Dirty headlights can reduce visibility up to 90%.
If you suffer from night blindness _____.
you should not drive at night
Virginia law requires the use of headlights whenever the windshield wipers are in use.
The use of the air conditioner will help defog interior windows.
Nearly _____ of all flash flood fatalities are vehicle related.
Kitty litter can help the tires gain traction on slick surfaces.
A driver can lose control of a vehicle in 6 inches of water.
The recommended antifreeze/water mixture is _____.
Removing the radiator cap is advisable as it will help release steam and cool an overheated engine quicker.
When driving into a headwind, you may need to _____.
Dust or sand storms _____.
can reduce visibility to 1/2 mile or less, strike with little warning, and often damage oil and air filters
To dry wet brakes, you should _____.
brake gently using your left foot while accelerating with your right foot
Hydroplaning occurs when _____.
a film of water builds up between the road surface and the vehicles tires
Bridges and overpasses can be even more hazardous during cold weather because _____.
these surfaces freeze before other road surfaces
Buffeting results from _____.
high winds
When driving through water, stay close to the shoulder.
As more streets and parking lots are built, flooding problems will increase.
Before starting a vehicle in snow, check to be sure the exhaust system is clear.
Two feet of water will carry away most vehicles.
Tire pressure increases as the tires get hot.
A danger of driving through deep water is _____.
the roadbed may be washed away and your vehicle may stall
When driving an airbag equipped vehicle, _____.
your hands should be on the lower half of the steering wheel, the steering wheel should be tilted toward the chest, and you should sit at least 10 inches from the steering wheel
Air bags deploy at speeds up to _____.
Virginia law requires _____.
all persons less than 16 to wear a safety belt AND all front seat occupants to wear a safety belt
When you ride in a moving object, your speed _____.
is equal to the speed of the moving object
The head restraint should be adjusted to just above the ears
If an infant must ride in the front seat, the air bag should be turned off
Pregnant women should not wear safety belts.
If your vehicle has air bags, you do not need to use safety belts
The safest place for children is in the back seat
In the year 2000, _____ % of the teens killed in motor vehicle related crashes were not wearing a safety belt
An airbag _____.
inflates if the collision impact speed is at least 9 mph, distributes the force of impact more evenly across the body, AND automatically inflates in frontal crashes
The lap belt should be worn _____.
Across the hips
New vehicles now may be equipped with side air bags
Crash attenuators _____.
are sand or liquid filled drums and they spread the force of impact when hit
Extruder terminals _____.
reduce hazards at guardrail ends
ABS _____.
allows the vehicle to be steered while applying maximum braking effort
Median barriers _____.
reduce head-on collisions
Rumble strips _____.
alert inattentive drivers
Electronic Stability Program _____.
activates when vehicle is not going in the direction it is being steered
Traction Control _____.
activates brake sensors, which don't allow the wheels to spin
Breakaway posts _____.
make impact with signs less forceful
Suspension Control _____.
adjusts vehicle balance
Message signs _____.
are used to warn drivers of dangers ahead and may provide drivers with inclement weather information
Sudden acceleration causes vehicle weight transfer _____.
to the rear
Loss of front wheel traction is called _____.
In skid control, it is critical that the driver _____.
look where they want the vehicle to go and steer in the intended path of trave
In vehicles without ABS, a quick jab of the brakes may help control front wheel traction loss.
A good technique to minimize understeer is to slow down before entering a curve or turn.
A driver's first indication of traction loss comes from _____.
motion based sensory imput
Suddenly steering to the right will result in _____.
weight transfer to the left
Traction control systems are most helpful in front wheel loss of traction.
Which of the following will affect traction?
surface materials, surface conditions, and weather conditions
Loss of rear wheel traction is called _____.
Slight acceleration is helpful in an oversteer situation.