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Study the amendments we need to know for the exam!

13 1865

The __th Amendment makes slavery unconstitutional and was passed in ____.

14 1868

The __th Amendment defines citizenship to include any person born in the US & guarantees equal protection to all people. It was passed in ____.

15 1869

The __th Amendment forbids race-based voting qualifications and was passed in ____.

16 1913

The __th Amendment establishes federal income tax and was passed in ____.

17 1913

The __th Amendment required the direct election of US senators and was passed in ____.

18 1919

The __th Amendment enforced prohibition (a ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol) and was passed in ____.

19 1920

The __th Amendment gave women the right to vote and was passed in ____.

21 1933

The __st Amendment repealed prohibition and was passed in ____.

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