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Which of the following is NOT associated with the mouth:
a. hard palate
b. rugae
c. vestibule
d. tongue
e. soft palate

b. rugae

What is the correct order of how food passes in the alimentary canal:

small intestine
large intestine

the structure that forms the anterior roof of the mouth is the:

hard palate

the fold of mucous membrane that secures the tongue to the floor of the mouth and limits its posterior movements is called the:

lingual frenulum

What is continuous with the esophagus?


what is the moist innermost layer that lines the alimentary canal?


the release of food from the stomach into the small intestine is regulated by the:

pyloric sphincter (valve)

protein digestion begins in the


What modification increases surface area in the small intestine with fingerlike extensions of the mucosa:


The small intestineextends from the:

pyloric sphincter to the ileocecal valve

what two organs release secretions into the duodenum of the small intestine

liver and pancreas

enzymes and bile are carried by the pancreatic duct and bile duct into the


the primary function of the small intestine is

absorption of nutrients

which one of the following is NOT a subdivision of the large intestine:
a. cecum
b. appendix
c. duodenum
d. colon
e. rectum


the organ responsible for drying out indigestible food residue through water absorption and the elimination of feces is the:

large intestine

what is the purpose of mastication:

to chew, grind and tear food into smaller pieces while in the mouth

amylase is an enzyme that is only able to digest


the number of permanent teeth within a full set of adult teeth is:


the anterior chisel-shaped teeth that are adapted for cutting are called:


bile is produced by the ___ but stored in the ____.

liver; gallbladder

which tube brings bile directly back into the gallbladder for storage when there is no digestion occurring in the duodenum

cystic duct

The sequence of steps by which large food molecules are broken down into their respective building blocks by catalytic enzymes within hydrolysis reactions is called:

chemical digestion

The propulsive process that moves food from one organ to the next called:


The process by which food within the small intestine is mixed with digestive juices by backward and forward movement across the internal wall of the organ is called:


Which one of the following is NOT of the carbohydrates that the human digestive system is able to break down to simple sugars:


Proteins are digested to their building blocks which are called:

amino acids

Transport of digested end products from the lumen of the GI tract into the bloodstream or lymphatic fluid is called:


The first nutrient to be chemically digested is:


What alimentary segment has NO digestive function?


Pepsin is necessary for the stomach to break down:


The enzyme responsible for converting milk protein in the stomach to a substance that looks like sour milk in infants is:


What is not absorbed by the human large intestine


Which one of the following is NOT a main role of the live:
a. detoxify drugs and alcohol
b. degrade hormones
c. to make cholesterol
d. process nutrients during digestion
e. add ammonia to the blood

E. add ammonia to the blood

Nutrients detour through the liver via the:

hepatic portal circulation

Proteins break down


Lactose break down


Starch break down


Fat break down


Nucleic acids break down


Primary site of water absorption

large intestine

Site where starch digestion begins


tube through which food is propelled but no digestion takes place


site where protein digestion begins


site where pancreatic enzymes and bile enter the alimentary canal


site of vitamin K synthesis by bacteria

large intestine

site where defection reflex is initiated


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