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Mandated Reporting
1. In a group therapy session, a mother states that she has been striking her 8 year old son frequently. She said she needs help.
Report - professionally
2. A client tells you that her 6 year old son told her that "bad things will happen if I tell on Jim." Jim is a 20 year old neighbor who babysits her son
Report - professionally
3. A child is brought by his mother to the emergency department with a head injury. His mother said that her husband became angry and struck her son.
Report - professionally
4. You are eating in a restaurant when you observe a man slapping and pushing a young girl.
There is not enough information to report the incident or if the license plate number is obtained, report to local police.
5. You observe that the young girls who live next door (ages 2 and 3) often open the upstairs window in their house and sit on the windowsill with their legs hanging over the outside edge.
Report to the general public hotline
6. A client tells you that her nephew, who is 16 years old, drinks in front of his mother to the point of intoxication. His mother does nothing about it.
Report - professionally
1. When are mandated reporters required to call the State Central Register immediately to report suspected child abuse or maltreatment?
When based on what you have been told and what you observed, combined with your training and experience you feel that harm or imminent danger of harm to the child could be the result of an act or omission by person legally responsible for the child.
2. What should a mandated reporter have before reporting allegations of abuse/neglect?
Information to locate the child, if possible.
3. What should a mandated reporter who suspects that a child is in imminent danger of serious physical injury do first?
Call 911 immediately
4. What should a mandated reporter do when a child discloses sexual abuse has occurred?
Call Child Protective Services (CPS) to not interrogate or investigate the child/family
5. What should you do if, after you have followed the reporting protocol in your agency, you learn that a call was not made to the State Central Register (SCR)?
Make the call yourself
6. When is a mandated reporter legally liable?
Failure to report when a work situation.
7. What happens if a mandated reporter who has reasonable cause to suspect child maltreatment/neglect fails to report it?
Guilty of a Class A misdemeanor -1 year jail and $1000 fine and civilly liable for damages.
8. When a mandated reporter makes an oral (telephone) report to the New York State Central Register, who will be given information about the reporter/source?
Police, Family Court or DA
9. When must a LDSS 2221A form be filed?
Within 48 hours of phone call. Must be mailed and signed.
10. What are the "normal" bruising areas on a child?
Elbows, knees, shin
11. Mandated reporters are entitled to receive a "Summary of Findings." How do you request this document?
Ask when you call to report abuse. CPS - investigation is begun within 48 hours and determination must be made in 60 days.