EM Chapter 21 Poisoning and Overdose Emergencies

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chemical substance taken for other than therapeutic (medical) reasons
uppers, downers, narcotics, hallucinogens, volatile chemicals, (illicit drugs, prescriptions, etc.)
Uppers: stimulants that affect nervous system - cocaine, amphetamines, snorted, smoked, injected - can cause heart attack, often after 1st time taking - inc in heart rate too much; signs: excitement, restless, increased pulse and breathing rates, sweating, hyperthermia (inc metabolism and body temp), esp if skinny - can't keep fat, no sleep for long time; significant anxiety increase; can cause early heart attacks (even if taken years before)
Downers: CNS depressants, barbiturates, roofies (rohypnol), GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate); sluggishness, poor coordination, decreased pulse and respirations; often those who have sleep disorders and self-medicate
Narcotics: relive pain or help with sleep; opiates (heroin, codeine, morephine); oxycontin (oxycodone); injected; crushed/snorted; ingested; KNOW HOW THEY TOOK; - narcane will run up; signs: reduced rate of pulse and rate/depth of breathing; lethargy (sleepy), pinpoint pupils; profuse sweating; coma; respiratory depression
Hallucinogens: intense state of excitement and distorted perception; bad batch of ecstasy - lot of people go down; LSD, PCP, XTC (bath salts); signs: rapid pulse, dilated pupils, flushed face, seeing or hearing things
Volatile chemicals: produce vapors that are inhaled, initial "rush" can act as CNS depressant; ex: paint, aerosal cans, "huffing"; gov put bitterant in cans to stop but still do - 30sec high - deprives brain of oxygen = BAD; end up traumatic case bc injure themselves; signs: dazed/disoriented - seconds, develop coma, swollen membranes in nose/mouth, funny numb feeling, tingling inside head, changes in heart rhythm (fast, slow, normal); residue near mouth
Assessment of substance abuse patients: may be difficult (consciousness, type of drug); uncooperative, contaminated needles/chemicals present; might give something to knock them out; AIRWAY; oxygen; shock; calm and cooperative; want breathing on own and slightly out of it; narcane can sometimes have destructive and violent results; track marks; transport; local protocols;
excited delirium: occur with some medications/drugs -> bath salts; same release after working out - stuck in endless loop with superhuman strength - eventually burst- heart attack? call ALS to knock them out