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Joseph Stalin

Took control of the soviet union in 1924

Adolf Hilter

Leader of Germany

Francisco Franco

Spanish General that led a rebellion in 1936

Benito Mussolini

Italian ruler of the totalitarian government

Neville Chamberlain

British prime minister met with Hitler

Facist government after WWII


Opposed the treaty of Versailes


Invasion of Poland

Beginning of WWII German and Soviet victory

Battle of Britian

Forced Germany to Bomb at night and be distracted from other parts of the world

Nuremberg laws

Stripped Jews of their German citizenship, jobs and property


The deliberate and systematic extermination of a national racial, political or cultural group

Non-aggression pact

Germany and Rusia agreed never to attack each other


Systematic murder of 11 million people across Europe, more than 1/2 Jews


Lightning war used new military technology

Pearl harbour

Japan bombed Hawaii


Rattle snacks of the Atlantic- when you see one be poised to crush them

Lend lease act

US would lend or lease armies and other supplies to any county vital to the US

Winston Churchill

Chamberlains political rival in Britian

Atlantic charter

Joint declaration of war aims. US and Britian

Charles De Galle

French general fled to England and set up a government in exile

Hideki Tojo

Chief of Japan army who became the prime minister of Japan

United nations

Keep world peace and resolve issues

Nuremberg Trials

The trial of 24 nazi leaders for crimes against humanity, crimes against the peace and war crimes.

Battle of Stalingrad

Hitler destroyed the city of Stalingrad. Battle was house to house.

First disagreement between US and USSR

Potsdam conference or UN

Satellite nations

Alba ia, Bulgaria, Czechoslovkia, Hungry, Romania, Poland

Truman doctrine

Policy set by Present. trims stating the US would support Greece and Turkey with economic and military aid.

Marshall plan

Gave $13million to Europe to fight against hunger,poverty, desperation, choas

Berlin blockade/airlift

Fly food and supplies into West Berlin. Stalin shut down highways and railroads.


north Atlantic Treaty Organization

Mao Zedong

Leader of the Chinese Communists

Chianf Kai-shek (nationalist)

Leader of the Chinese Nationalists

Korean war and China's involvement

China supported and partnered with North Korea

38th parrarel

Line between north and south Vietnam

Douglas MacArthur involvement in Korean war

In charge of South Korea and UN troops


Investigated possible communist influence

Hollywood Ten

Refused to cooperate with investigation


500's blacklisted

Alger Hiss

Alger Hiss was charged with spying for the Soviet Union. Sent to jail. Later pardoned by Nixon.

The Rosenbergs

Activists in the US communist party that were excited.

Mc Carthyism

Unsupported accusations that people weds communists


It was developed to be more destructive and before the Soviets.


Central intelligence agency.


Laws allowed US to temporarily import contract laborer. Agreement between US and Mexico.

Termination policy



John F Kennedy was President in 1961 and was assinated.

Richard Nixon

Ran against John F Kennedy for President

Election of 1960

First time Americans were able to see a Presidential debate on TV?

Fidel Castro

Leader of Communist Cuba

Flexible response

Kennedys belief we needed to be able to respond without nuclear weapons. US built conventional warfare.

Bay of Pigs

US invasion of Cuba that failed.

Cuban missile crisis

Soviets installed nuclear weapons in Cuba

Nikita Khrushchev

Premiere of Soviet Union

Berlin wall

Wall built by Soviets to separate East and West Soviet Union. To keep easterners in.

Hot line

Telephone line between US and the Kremlin

Limited test ban treaty

Agreement limiting the testing of nuclear weapons

Peace corp

Kennedys agency to support developing nations in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Robert Kennedy

Attorney General and closest advisor to John F Kennedy.

Warren Commision

Looked into assignation of Kennedy.

Lyndon Johnson

Johnson was Vice President who became President when Kennedy was shot.


Government was to provide medical insurance for Americans over 65.


Government was to provide medical insurance for low income Americans.


Redrawing of election districts to reflect changes in population.

Warren court

Court for civil rights cases. (for Supreme court)

Baker vs. CARR

Established principle -one person one vote

Voting rights act of 1965

Eliminated voter literacy tests and enabled federal people to register voters

Selma to Montgomery March

March to protest the killing of a demonstrator

Malcolm X

Civil rights leader who studied the teachings of Islam and promoted violence

Nation of Islam

Black Muslim group. Believed whites were the cause of black problems.

De Jure segregatioon

Segregation by law

De Facto segregation

Segregation that exists by practice or custom

Stokely Carmichael (black power)

Leader of SNCC that joined with King and McKissick to finish the march on Mississippi

Black panthers

Political party to fight police brutality. Self police. Wore all black clothes.

Kerner commission

Commission to study causes of urban violence. To report and end DeFacto segregation.

Civil rights act of 1968

Ended discrimination in housing

Countries that had occupied Vietnam

France, Japan

Ho Chi Minh

Leader of North Vietnam and communist party

Containment of communism

US attempt to stop spread of communism

Tet offensive

Surprise attack by the Vietcong on South Vietnam. During Tet (new year holiday)

Tonkin Gulf Resolution

Congressional resolution giving the President broad powers to wage war in Vietnam

Viet Cong

South Vietnamese Communists supported by North Vietnam

William Westmoreland

US commanding general of Vietnam

Deferred into the draft

Lottery of birthday at age 18

Credibility gap

US public didn't believe government about Vietnam


Students for a Democratic Society. Anti war


Flying spaghetti monster


Equal rights amendment. Proposed and failed amendment to end discrimination.


British rock and roll band. Huge influence on US music.

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