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have it all planned out
When I'm on holiday I like to PLAN LOT OF ACTIVITIES.
lived it up
When we were in Vegas we really TRAVELLED IN LUXURY! We stayed in the presidential suite at the Hilton.
watch your back
You have to BE CAREFUL in the narrow streets in the city centres, there are lots of thieves.
catch some rays
It's really important for me to SUNBATHE when I go on holiday so I can show off my tan when I get back!
sat and watched the world go by
We SAT AND DID NOTHING on the grass outside the cathedral all afternoon.
culture shock
When we got out of the train in Delhi it was a bit of a ____________ _______________ (very different to what we're used to)
right at home
I felt VERY COMFORTABLE in Dublin, the language is the same and the people are very friendly.
travel on a shoestring
When we were in Thailand we had to TRAVEL WITHOUT SPENDING MUCH because we spent so much in India.
culture vulture
I'm a real PERSON WHO IS INTERESTED IN MUSEUMS/HISTORY/MUSIC ETC. when I go on holiday the first thing I look for is the nearest historical place of interest.
get itchy feet
I've been here for 8 months now but I don't think I'll stay much longer, I'm starting TO FEEL LIKE I NEED TO TRAVEL AGAIN. I'm not sure where I'll go next.
got the travel bug
My sister has really BECOME ADDICTED TO TRAVELLING she's just got back from Iceland and she's off to Tanzania in two weeks!
at the crack of dawn
We had to get up VERY EARLY to catch the flight to Bali, it left at 5am!
travel light
I always TRAVEL WITHOUT MUCH STUFF I can't stand lugging useless stuff around with me.
see how the mood takes us
We're going to Rome for the weekend but we haven't planned any activities, we're just going to MAKE DECISIONS DEPENDING ON HOW WE'RE FEELING.

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