CMA Exam

Means suffix
In the structural hierarchy of organisms, this immediatly precedes organs.
A facilitative communication technique that repeats what the patient has said to demonstrate understanding is....
what is not a reason for revocation or suspension of a health care providers license?...
administrating atypical treatments
The standard or principle that guides our behavior regarding what is right and what is wrong is a....
Part of a word that is a prefix...
this tissue consists of neurons...
Behavioral responses resulting from the conflicts of inner impulses and the anxiety they create best defines...
defense (adaptive) mechanisms
NOT a communication technique...
Behavior or an action that can be reasonably presumed to be consenual is...
implied consent
Telling the truth best defines...
this is considered an appendage of the skin...
sudoriferous glands
the source of energy for influencing the sexual urges that influence the three levels of personality is....
an unconscious defense mechanism characterized by behaving in the opposite way to one's actual feelings is...
reaction formation
This requires notification of approperate health agencies...
positive character traits are...
Related to a respiratory disorder...
Best discribes a bony projection...
According to sigmund freud, this is the development stage focusing on physical and intellectual activity where sexual impulses are repressed, e.g. 6to12 years old.
mimicking the behavior of another to cope with feelings of inadequacy is called...
the most common setting for the autoclave
what condition would benifit from a restriction of milk, meat, and bread?...
CRP is a plasma protien that is produced by the ...
what laboratory test measures platelet function whereby a small incision is made in the patients arm?...
bleeding time
what is the by product of incomplete fat metabolism?...
A common abbreviation meaning "instill in ears" is .....
the normal adult hemoglobin is approximately...
14-16 g/dl
which blood collection evacuation tube contains the anticoagulant sodium citrate?...
light blue top
What type of drug is used to inhibit the growth of malignant cells?
what shouild you ask a victim who is having difficulty breathing?...
"Are you choking?"!!
A drug action in which the effects of using two drugs together is greater than the sum of the effects of using each one alone is called....
convert 250 milligrams to grams...
A normal value for a leukocyte count is...
5,000-10,000 WBC/mm3
________ shock is caused by sudden blood or body fluid loss.
AEDs are specifically used for...
ventricular fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia
the presence of hemoglobin in the urine is most likely indicative of...
urinary hemorrhage
some medacines must be protected from...
heat, light, and cold
HCG is produced by the...
what is not typically a sign or symptom of a stroke?...
uncontrollable muscle contractions
the patient's name, date of birth, marital status,education, occupation, etc., is known as...
what does NOT need to be recorded in a child's vaccination history?...
the child's age at the time of vaccination
RBCs that are normal in shape are called...
the media of choice for culturing Neisseria gonorrhoeae is...
Thayer-Martin agar
corkscrew-shaped bacteria are...
a compound microscope consists of how many lenses?
Atrial arrhythmias include...
How must a stool sample be collected?...
in a clean plastic or cardboard container.
what is a physical disinfection agent?...
boiling water
in a fetus, where are the most active sites of blood cell production?...
liver and spleen
an IVP describes a radiographic study of...
urinary system
when performing CPR on a child, the compressions to ventilation ratio is...
the ECG/EKG wave that represents atrial contraction is the ...
P wave
A1c molecules have a lifespan of approximately...
4 months
the ___ defined as the wave of alternating expansion and relaxation of the arterial walls with each contraction of the left ventracle.
Normally the hematocrit is approximately...
three times the hemoglobin
vital signs are also known as...
cardinal signs
the agar plate used for a throat culture is...
Codes 960-989 refer to
Identifying times on the appointment book when the Physicians in the practice are unavailable for patient appointments is called...
number of lines seperating the inside address and the salutation is...
"Dear Mrs. Smith:" demonstrates...
mixed punctuation
What is Semi-Blocked describes a letter format where...
the first line of each paragraph begins at the left margin with the remaining lines indented five spaces.
The best method of controlling charts removed fron the office is with an...
out guide
A form of computer embezzlement that diverts small amounts of money from private accounts is called...
salami shaving
If treated, providers must accept assignment on all of the following patients EXCEPT
the patient should be presented with an information booklet about all of the following EXCEPT...
billing information
to mitigate potential legal difficulties, appointments should be recorded in...
indelible ink
scheduling the number of patients that can be seen in one hour based on the average appointment time describes...
wave systems
what form is an employers annual federal unemployment tax return form?
a meeting chairperson is responsible for...
calling the attendies to remind them about the meeting
determining the true balance of an account is a process known as...
WHat is a desadvantage of internet service in a medical office...
in a double entry system what would be recorded in the right hand colums?
increases in liabilities
an organizations ability to pay its debts is known as...
Alphanumeric characters primarily used as columnb and row headings are known as the
------ is a privately owned communication network that covers a limited geographic area.
----- is a organization of affiliated providers that offers joint services to subscribers
which should be used as a payer of last resort?
what is not required information for a diagnostic center to have prior to a patient being seen?
Emergency Contact
Integrating the various resources to meet organizational objectives is known as
the underlines portion of hypertension (orthostatic, benign, simple) identifies a/an...
nonessiential modifier
a physician who elects not to carry liability insurance is said to be...
"going bare"
a signature card must be completed to...
open a checking account
what is not typically in a job description...
payroll guidlines
which key in some spreadsheets will display the menu for selection of command options?
after a written warning has already been given what is the most appropriate disipline action.....
a temporary suspention
existing CPT codes are represented by HCPCS
level I
Envelopes with green diamond boarders are often used with which type of mail?
in proofreading, the symbol "[" means
move left
A CPT modifier that identifies bilateral procedures is
which form is used to make quarterly federal income tax and RUTA tax deposits?
a call is ringing on another line; the medical assistant should
ask the first caller if she can hold. if yes, answer the second line and him if he can hold, if yes return to the first caller
A ______ filing system organizes items chronolically for follow-up
V codes refer to
factors influencing health status
what CPT modifier for decision for surgery?
open punctuation refers to
placing no punctuation after the salutation
what initials are needed when sending correspondence to a military base?
the person most likely to handle equiptment purchases is the ....
office manager
the loss of income resulting from an illness interferes with a patients...
safety need
the ability of a muscle to be stimulated by nervous impulses is...
an unconscious defence mechanism characterized by behavior that is the opposite of ones true feelings describes...
raction formation (compensation)
the medical abbreviation meaning "as desired" is...
ad lib.
defamation of character employing the written word describes
the ____ prevents the backflow of blood into the atria when the ventricles contract
AV valves
Cognitive development according to Plaget occures in four stages. The Formal Operational stage occurs at what age?
11-15+ years
the communication process does not include...
what describes the interpersonal relationship between the cardiovascular system and the skeletal system??
what structure is common to both the digestive and respiratory system?
sensory receptors responsible for the sense of taste are...
diabetes insipidus is a disorder of what body system?
an insurance concept described as the initial amount of loss the INSURED suffers before the insurer indemnifies is...
what prefix means "few, deficient, scanty"?
Res ipsa loquitur is
circumstantial evidence doctrine
a test performed by placing a small probe on the earlobe or finger to evaluate the amount of oxygen saturation in the blood is
pulse oximetry
which blood collection evacuated tube contains the anticoagulant sodium citrate?
light blue top
the most common temperature setting for the autoclave is...
when a MA is required to wear a surgical gown for a procedure, what are they to do first?..
put on the gown prior to donning surgical gloves.
A1c molecules have a lifespan of approximately..
4 months
cellular immunity is a type of...
specific immunity
a compound light microscope consists of how many lenses?
vital signs are also known as
cardinal signs
HCG is produced by the
what is a physical disinfectant?
boiling water
what laboratory test measures platelet function whereby a small incision is made in the patients arm?
bleeding time
what information does not need to be recorded in a childs vaccination history?
the childs age at the time of the vaccination
convert 250 ml to grams
0.25 g
what is NOT a extravascular fluid?
A drug action in which the effects of using two drugs together is greater than the sum of the effects of using each one alone is called...
____ indicates towards the head
male pubertal characteristics develop in which order?...
increase in penis and testicle size, minor voice change, first ejaculation, growth of armpit hair, growth of facial hair.
an infestation of parasitic insects, characterized by pruritus and inflammation is
Records can be held from patients if....
the records may cause harm to the patient
when measuring for axillary crutches, the patient is to stand erect which the crutch tips____ inches infront and ___inches to the side of each foot
2, 6
which of the following is a by product incomplete metabolism?
the in vetro study of serum to detect disease by evaluating antigen-=antibody reactions is...
corksrew-shaped bacteria are
An IVP describes a radiographic study of the....
urinary system
_____ is a specialty exam to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the ear, nose and throat.
CRP isa plasma protien that os produced by the...
RBCs that are normal in shape are called
the ____ is defined as the wave of alternating expansion and relaxtion of the arterial walls with each contraction of the left ventricle.
ideally, urine should be analyzed within low many minutes of collection?
30 minutes
what condition would benifit from a restriction of milk, meats, and bread?
what type of drug is used to inhibit the growth if malignant cells?