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periculum periculī n


miser misera miserum

unhappy, poor

amittō amittere amisī amissus

let go, lose

pro (with abl)

in front of, before, for

inimicus inimica inimicum

unfriendly, hostile [as a noun, enemy]

absum abesse afuī afuturus

be away, be absent

noscō noscere novī notus

learn [in perfect tense, have learned=know]

procedō procedere processī processurus

go forward, advance

producō producere produxī productus

lead out

retineō retinēre retinuī retentus

hold back, keep


already, know

sine (with abl)


ego meī

i, of me

nos nostrum

we, of us

tu tuī

you, of you (sing)

vos vestrum

you, of you (pl)

integer integra integrum

fresh, whole, untouched

porta portae f


discedō discedere discessī discessurus

go away, depart

iubeō iubēre iussī iussus


recipiō recipere recepī receptus

take back, recover

redigō redigere redegī redactus

drive back, reduce

in provinciam redigere

to reduce to the status of a province

removeō removēre removī remotus

remove, move back


also, even

beneficium beneficī n

kindness benefit

exemplum exemplī n


egregius egregia egregium

distinguished, excellent

proponō proponere proposuī propositus

put forward, offer

suscipiō suscipere suscepī susceptus

undertake, take up, start

per (with acc)



under, close up to

liberī liberōrum m


superbia superbiae f

pride, arrogance

primus prima primum


superbus superba superbum

proud, arrogant

adsum adesse adfuī adfuturus

be near, be present

educō educere eduxī eductus

lead out

interficiō interficere interfecī interfectus


permittō permittere permisī permissus

let go through, allow, entrust (with dat)

remaneō remanēre remansī remansurus

stay behind, remain



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