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  1. disseminate
  2. winsome
  3. perfidy
  4. recapitulate
  5. berate
  1. a (v.) to review a series of facts; to sum up
    Syn: review, summarize, sum up, go over
  2. b (adj) charming, attractive, pleasing (often suggesting a childlike charm and innocence
    S: winning, engaging, delightful, prepossessing
  3. c to scold sharply
    s. chide, rebuke, reprove, reprimand
  4. d (n.) faithlessness, treachery
    Synonyms: betrayal, disloyalty, treason, duplicity
  5. e (v.) to scatter or spread widely
    SYN: Disperse, publicize, broadcast, circulate

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  1. (v.) to grow or accumulate over time; to happen as a natural result
    Syn. collect, accumulate, proceed from
  2. to cut short, bring to a halt or end sooner than expected; to reduce
    S: Limit; Abbreviate; Abridge; Contract
    A: Protract; Extend
  3. to lower in character, quality, or value; to degrade, adulterate; to cause to deteriorate
    syn. cheapen, corrupt, demean, depreciate
  4. (adj.) cloudlike, resembling a cloud; cloudy in color, not transparent; vague, confused, indistinct
    Syn: hazy, fuzzy, cloudy, vague, murky, opaque
  5. something that is heavy or burdensome (especially an unwelcome responsibility); a stigma; blame

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  1. extenuateto make milder or softer, to moderate in force or intensity
    syn. lessen, relieve, alleviate, diminish


  2. extraneouscoming from the outside , foreign; present but not essential, irrelevant
    s. incidental, extrinsic


  3. astute(v.) to clear from blame, responsibility, or guilt
    S: acquit, exonerate, vindicate, excuse, pardon


  4. gauche(adj.) awkward, lacking in social graces, tactless, clumsy
    SYN: inept, uncouth, maladroit


  5. cupidity(n.) an eager desire for something; greed
    S: avarice, rapacity, craving, lust