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  1. mollify
  2. concoct
  3. slovenly
  4. equanimity
  5. sadistic
  1. a to prepare by combining ingredients, make up (as a dish); to devise, invent, fabricate
    syn. create, fashion, rustle up
  2. b (adj.) untidy, dirty, careless
    Syn: unkempt, slatternly, slipshod, lax
  3. c (n.) calmness, composure, refusal to panic
    Syn. tranquility, imperturbability
  4. d to soften, make gentle, pacify; to calm, allay (as an emotion), assuage, appease, placate; to reduce in intensity
  5. e delighting in cruelty, excessively cruel
    s. brutal, vicious, inhuman, fiendish

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  1. adj. noisy is a coarse, offensive way; obvious or conspicious, especially in an unfavorable sense
    syn: flagrant, glaring, egregious, disagreeably loud
  2. (adj.) awkward, lacking in social graces, tactless, clumsy
    SYN: inept, uncouth, maladroit
  3. (adj.) deceptive, apparently good or valid but lacking real merit
    SYN: sophistic, casuistic
  4. Willing to follow advice or authority, tractable, submissive; responsive; liable to be held responsible
    S:agreeable, complaint, docile
  5. trifling, unimportant
    syn. trivial, negligible, petty, paltry

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  1. dissipateto cause to disappear; to scatter, dispel; to spend foolishly, squander; to be extravagant in pursuit of pleasure
    Synonyms: disperse, strew, diffuse, waste


  2. berateto scold sharply
    s. chide, rebuke, reprove, reprimand


  3. Foment(n.)an excess or overindulgence, as in eating or drinking, causing disgust; v. to feed or supply with anything to excess
    s. (n.) excess, gult v. cloy, satiate


  4. accrue(v.) to grow or accumulate over time; to happen as a natural result
    Syn. collect, accumulate, proceed from


  5. expatiate(v.) to satisfy completely; to fill to excess; (adj.) full, satisfied
    SYN: gratify, cloy, surfeit, gorge