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Which protocol operates locally between a client and a router to negotiate the flow of multicast traffic?


A technician accidentally plugs both ends of a cable into the same switch. However, this did not cause a network loop. What explains this situation?

Spanning tree protocol is enabled on the switch

Which is the default port for DNS?


Which TCP/IP and OSI model layers retransmits a TCP packet if it is not received successfully at its destination?

The Transport OSI model layer and the Transport TCP/IP model layer

Which of the following ports carries IMAP traffic, by default on modern email systems?


Which command could we use on a server to display the default router settings?


Which of the following could be used to view the list of ports on which a server is listening?


A network administrator wants to block all already known malicious activity. Which would allow the network administrator to perform this activity?

Signature Based IPS

Which WAN technology uses a maximum line rate of 2.048 Mbps?


Which of the following protocols does a router use to communicate packets to other routers?


The process that allows for authentication between computers as a precursor to IPSec is?


Which of the following would be used to check whether a DoS attack is taking place from a specific remote subnet?

Network sniffer

On which layer of the OSI model does TCP/IP operate?


Several mobile users from various areas are reporting intermittent connectivity issues. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?


Point at which an ISPs responsibility for an Internet connection ends?


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