African American Science and Exploration


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Who invented a patent for his invention of a mass release mechanism for satellites?
Wilson Hull
What scientist experimented with injections of Vitamin C in cats and dogs in order to find a cure for epilepsy?
Wendell Belfield
What system did Robert Shurney develop that was used aboard a Skylab space mission?
Waste management system
Who invented the riding saddle for horses?
W.D. David
What Black American physician was referred to as "The principal historian of the Negro in medicine" in 1970?
W. Montague Cobb
St. Elmo Brady, the first African American to earn a Ph.D. in chemistry in America, received his degree from what school in 1916?
University of Illinois
Prior to Joseph Lee‟s bread making invention, how many people were needed to produce the same amount of loaves per day?
What Black American woman used the trial and error method to invent hair care products in 1905?
Madam C.J. Walker
These black soldiers were trained to become pilots in World War II. They were mostly assigned to Italy where they destroyed enemy planes. Who were they?
Tuskegee Airmen
Donald E. Jefferson invented what mechanism used by construction crews?
Triggered exploding wire device
What was the name of Paul Cuffe‟s ship, which made an expedition to Africa?
What famous inventor did Lewis Latimer work with in the development of the electric light bulb?
Thomas Edison
What measuring instrument was invented by Frederick Jones?
What famous dermatologist treated leprosy and syphilis?
Theodore K. Lawless
What famous aviator brothers helped promote Paul Laurence Dunbar‟s poetry and became his good friend?
The Wright Brothers
First African American woman member of the Jefferson County Medical Society and the first African American woman admitted to the University of Louisville School of Medicine?
Alleyne, Delores Gordon
Used by the 99th Pursuit Squadron, also known as the Tuskegee Airmen, Tuskegee Institute established what training
program for black pilots?
The Tuskegee Army Air Field
Lewis Latimer prepared the drawings for what invention patented by Alexander Graham Bell?
The telephone
What did Benjamin Banneker's book Almanac examine?
The sun, moon, and planets
Dr. Ronald McNair was a black astronaut who made his first space shuttle mission in 1984. Unfortunately, his last space mission was never completed. What happened to him and his crew members on January 28, 1986?
The space shuttle that Dr. McNair and six other astronauts were in exploded after takeoff in Cape Canaveral, Florida.
What did Elijah McCoy patent in 1872 that drastically improved the speed and efficiency of industrial machinery?
The lubricator cup
What was Leonard Julien‟s sugar cane planter invention called?
The Julien Planter
Who invented the common dust mop?
T.W. Steward
In 1872, what inventor received a patent for an apparatus for detaching horses for carriages?
T.J. Boyd
Dr. William Hinton is credited with developing a test to detect what disease?
What did George Washington Carver use to develop postage stamp glue?
Sweet potatoes
Who was the first female Black American to enter the medical profession?
Susan McKinney
Who was the first African American cave explorer and the first guide and explorer of Mammoth Cave, the world's longest cave system?
Stephen Bishop
Born in Louisville, KY, who was the first African American to earn a Ph.D. in chemistry in the United States?
St. Elmo Brady
Dr. Percy L. Julian achieved his accomplishments in what occupation?
Soybean chemist
The Stargell Foundation is recognized for what area of research?
Sickle Cell Anemia
Philadelphia and Massachusetts cobbler, Jan E. Matzeliger invented what?
Shoe lasting machine
At the age of fifteen, Elijah McCoy traveled to what country in order to study engineering?
The ironing board was invented by what Black American woman?
Sarah Boone
Who was the first Black American member of the US Atomic Energy Commission?
Samuel Nabrit
What invention made James Forten one of the wealthiest men in America?
Sail controls for ships
What Black American invented an exhaust purifier?
Rufus Stokes
Matthew Henson traveled with what famous explorer during the expedition to the North Pole?
Robert Peary
Who invented the automatic car washer?
Richard Spikes
What noted inRichard Spikesventor patented an improvement for the automatic gearshift?
Richard Spikes
Who invented directional signals for the automobile?
Richard Spikes
In 1901, Garrett Morgan‟s first invention was a belt fastener for sewing machines which he sold for how much money?
Who patented the envelope seal in 1897?
R.W. Leslie
What Black American inventor received a patent for the guitar?
R.F. Fleming
Mary Eliza Merritt, the first African American nurse licensed in Kentucky, was awarded a certificate of merit from what U.S. President?
President Woodrow Wilson
Hyram S. Thomas was a chef who created what popular snack?
Potato chip
Who was the first black female awarded a medical degree?
Rebecca Lee Crumpier
Shirley Ann Jackson was the first Black American to earn a PhD from M.I.T. in what subject?
Owner and operator of Brooks Memorial Hospital, Phillip C. Brooks served in what capacities?
Physician and surgeon
Who invented the disposable syringe?
Phil Brooks
St. Elmo Brady was the first African American admitted to what chemistry honor society?
Phi Lambda Upsilon
What was the profession of Garland H. Brooks, Hopkinsville native and Howard University graduate?
George Washington Carver made paint and ink from what common food item?
What did George Washington Carver use to develop shaving cream, paper, ink, rubbing oil, synthetic rubber, and instant coffee?
What Black American designed homes for celebrities such as Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra?
Paul Williams
Born in Louisville, KY, who was the first African American female Sloan Fellow at MIT?
Patricia Garrison-Corbin
Who developed the first airborne radar system that was used for locating downed aircraft?
Ozzie Williams
Who invented the control unit for the artificial heart stimulator?
Otis Boykin
What breakthrough medical procedure was performed by Dr. Daniel Hale Williams?
Open heart surgery
Matthew Henson was with the first expedition to reach what destination?
North Pole
What engineer from New Orleans patented the sugar refinery?
Norbert Rillieux
In what year was George Washington Carver born?
What father and son team served as guides at Mammoth Cave for 49 and 19 years respectively?
Nick and Matt Bransford
In what city was Robert Rillieux, inventor and scientist born in 1806
New Orleans
In 1978, Ronald McNair was accepted by NASA for its astronaut candidate program. What is NASA‟s full name?
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
What famous cowboy involved in gun battles with bandits and Indians earned the nickname "Deadwood Dick" for his expert marksmanship?
Nat Love
Where is Meharry Medical College located?
Nashville, Tennessee
George Washington Carver‟s mule-drawn wagon often went to area farmers to teach them about improving crop yields. What was this wagon called?
Moveable School
What did J.R. Pickering patent in 1900?
Modified airship
As a member of the Challenger space shuttle team, what was Dr. Ronald McNair‟s responsibility?
Mission Science Specialist
Who published the Black American medical journal in 1892?
Miles Vandahurst Lynk
Who is responsible for inventing the method of converting gas into electricity?
Meredith Gourdine
In what year was the first black medical school Meharry Medical College established?
What was the name of the first all Black Medical school?
Meharry Medical College
In 1909 what black explorer accompanied Admiral Robert Peary to the North Pole?
Matthew Henson
What black inventor received the patent for the elevator in 1887?
A Miles
What explorer departed fro a famous expedition aboard the ship "Roosevelt" on July 6, 1908?
Matthew Henson
Who invented the door lock?
A W Johnson
Who was first woman assigned by the US Navy to study underwater acoustics?
Mary Middleton
Who was the first Black American professionally trained as a registered nurse in the United States?
Mary Mahoney
Born in 1881, who was the first African American nurse licensed in Kentucky?
Mary Eliza Merritt
Earnest Everett Just, a biologist, was known for what type of research?
Marine animal eggs and embryos
Born in Bowling Green, KY, what aerospace engineer with IBM and Westinghouse went on to become the first African American woman to become dean at a major southern law school and one of the first African American female law professors in the United States?
Marilyn V. Yarbrough Ainsworth
What black female inventor patented a home security system?
Marie Brown
At age 18, Stephen Bishop was sold to Dr. John Croghan along with what in 1839 ?
Mammouth Cave
Born a slave, Stephen Bishop, the first African American cave explorer made a published map of what cave?
Mammouth Cave
Who was the first Black American to pilot a space shuttle mission?
Major Frederick D. Gregory