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Learning Check 7

Joshua vividly recalls his feeling and what he was doing at the exact moment when he heard of his grandfather's unexpected death. This best illustrates " " memory.
A $100 coat marked down from $150 can seem like a better deal than the same coat priced regularly at $100. This best illustrates the importance of
Hearing the word "rabbit" may lead people to spell the spoken word "hair" as "h-a-r-e." This best illustrates the outcome of the a process known as
A conscious memory of the name of the first president of the United States is a(n) " " memory.
When 80-year-old Ida looked at one of her old wedding pictures, she was flooded with vivid memories of her parents, her husband, and the early years of her marriage. The picture served as a powerful
retrieval cue
Which term referes to all the mental activities associated with thinking, knowing, remembering, and communicating?
The recall of sad experiences is often primed by feelings of sadness. This most clearly illustrates
mood-congruent memory
After reading a newspaper report suggesting that drunken driving might have contributed to a recent auto accident, several people who actually witnessed the accident began to remember the driver involved as traveling more recklessly that was actually the case. This provides an example of
the misinformation effect
Eva had difficulty recognizing that a sea horse was a fish because it did not closely resemble her fish
A chess-playing computer program that routinely calculates all possible outcomes of all possible game moves best illustrates problem solving by means of
an algorithm
Simple thinking strategies that allow us to solve problems and make judgements efficiently are called
Noam Chomsky suggested that all human languages share a(n)
universal grammar
A televised image of a starving child has greater impact on Mr. White's perception of the extensiveness of world hunger that did a statistical chart summarizing the tremendous scope of the problem. This suggests that his assessment of the world hunger problem is influenced by
the availability heuristic
Compulsive gamblers frequently recall losing less money that is actually the case. their memory failure best illustrates
motivated forgetting
Consciously repeating the name of a new classmate you want to remember illustrates
effortful processing
Arnold so easily remembers his old girlfriend's phone number that he finds it difficult to recall his new girlfriend's number. Arnold's difficulty best illustrates
proactive interference
Whorf's linguistic determinism hypothesis emphasizes that
words shape the way people think
Some people are unable to arrange six matches to form four equilateral triangles because they fail to consider a three-dimensional arrangement. This best illustrates the effects of " " on problem solving
Procedural memories for well-learned skills such as how to ride a bicycle are typically " " memories
Eye witnesses to a crime often recall the details of the crime most accurately when they return to the scene of the crime. This best illustrates
context-dependent memory