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all members of the phylum are called this . at some point in their lives they will have a notochord and slits in the throat area


a flexible rod that supports a chordate's back


like beads on a string these make up your spine


an animal whose body does not produce much internal heat FISHES AMPHIBIANS REPTILES


an animal whose body regulates its own temperature by controlling the internal heat it produces


a vertebrae that lives in water and uses fins to move - has fins, ectotherms usually, gills, and scales


tissue that is more flexible than bone

swim bladder

an internal , gas-filled sac that helps the fish stay stable at different depths in the water (bonyfish)


a vertebrate that is ectothermic and spends its early life in water "double life"


the larva of a frog or a toad


the organs of air-breathing vertebrates in which oxygen gas and carbon dioxide gas are exchanged between the air and the blood


the 2 upper chambers of the heart


pumps blood out to the lungs and body - lower chamber


the specific environment in which it lives


the hardened remains or other evidence of a living thing that existed a long time ago

sedimentary rock

hardened layers of sediments


the scientists who study extinct organisms , examine fossil structures & make comparisons to present day organisms


ectothermic vertebrae that has lungs and scaly skin


organs that filter wastes from the blood

amniotic egg

an egg with a shell and internal membranes that keep the embryo moist

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