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inaudible (not, hear)
(adj.) not able to be heard
dismiss (away from, send)
to send someone out; to let someone leave
transport (across, carry)
to carry something from one place to another
unsubscribe (not, under, write)
You remove your name from an email list
predict (before, say)
to say what will happen in the future
remit (again, send)
send (money) in payment
encounter (in, against)
a meeting (especially one that is unplanned); a meeting of enemies, battle; to meet or come upon
offer (against, carry)
a proposal to make a contract
inspect (in, see)
to examine or look at closely
epilogue (upon, word)
closing part of a speech or literary work
antigen (against, people)
something that the body recognizes as bad or unknown; evokes an immune response
emphathy (in, feeling)
identify with and understand another's feeling
intermediate (between, middle)
In between; in middle of something
destruction (apart from, build)
the act of taking down or destroying
superimpose (over, in, put)
to place or lay over or above something

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