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ago- to do

agere, egi, actus

audio- to hear

audire, audivi, auditus

cado- to fall

cadere, cecidi, casus

capio- to take

capere, cepi, captus

clamo- to shout

clamare, clamavi, clamatus

curo- to look after

curare, curavi, curatus

curro- to run

currere, cucurri, cursus

custodio- to guard

custodire, custodivi, custoditus

dico- to say

dicere, dixi, dictus

do- to give

dare, dedi, datus

dormio- to sleep

dormire, dormivi, dormitus

duco- to lead

ducere, duxi, ductus

eo- to go

ire, ii (or ivi), itus

erro- to wander

errare, erravi, ---

facio- to make

facere, feci, factus

fero- to carry

ferre, tuli, latus

fugio- to flee

fugere, fugi, fugitus

habeo- to have

habere, habui, habitus

iacio- to throw

iacere, ieci, iactus

iubeo- to order

iubere, iussi, iussus

maneo- to remain

, manere, mansi, mansus

mitto- to send

mittere, misi, missus

moveo- to move

movere, movi, motus

nolo- to not want

nolle, nolui,----

paro-to prepare

parare, paravi, paratus

peto- to seek

petere, petivi, petitus

pono- to put

ponere, posui, positus

porto- to carry

portare, portavi, portatus

possum-to be able

posse, potui, ----

scribo- to write

scribere, scripsi, scriptus

sto- to stand

stare, steti, status

sum- to be

esse, fui, futurus

surgo- to rise

surgere, surrexi, surrectus

teneo- to hold

tenere, tenui, tentus

trado- to hand over

tradere, tradidi, traditus

venio- to come

venire, veni, ventus

video- to see

videre, vidi, visus

vinco- to win

vincere, vici, victus

voco- to call

vocare, vocavi, vocatus

volo- to want

velle, volui,----

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