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The Taliban in Afghanistan

What does the Pashtun word Taliban mean?
religious students
What kind of Pashtun group is the Taliban?
Sunni Muslim group
What did the Taliban want to implement in Afghanistan?
A strict interpretation of Islamic law (Sharia law)
When did the Taliban become active?
September 1994
What did the Taliban originate from?
The mujahideen groups that fought the Soviets
What happened after the Soviets fled Afghanistan?
The country was plunged into a civil war
Who do the same mujahideen groups that fought the Soviets now fight?
The newly appointed people's democratic party of Afghanistan
Where and when was the Taliban's first major victory and capture?
Kandahar in 1994
When was Kabul captured?
In 1996
How long were men required to wear a beard to?
Extending a fist clamped at the chin
What has to be done to one's hair?
Cut short!
What must all men wear?
Head coverings
What are women required to wear?
a burqa (other clothes are too "stimulating" and "attractive")
What is a burqa?
A garment covering the entire body
When women go out in public who must they be accompanied with?
husband or male relative
What are women not allowed to do because their voices may cause excitement?
Speak loudly
How long were women allowed to be educated?
to the age of 8
Can women work?
No, unless they are part of a medical sector
Why were street level windows of homes covered?
So women could not be seen by the street
What happened to movie theaters, tvs, vcrs, music, kite flying, western hairstyles, dancing at weddings, stuffed animanls, dolls, and gambling?
What was destroyed?
Cultural artifacts like Buddha statues
When were the Hazara's massacred?
In Mazar-i-Sharif in 1998
How many Hazara's were killed in the massacred in Mazar-i-Sharif?
Over 8000
Who was eaten by dogs?
dead bodies that were required to be left in the streets
What did the US require the Taliban to do after 9/11?
Deliver all leaders of Al Qaeda to the US, close every terrorist training camp immediately, give the US full access to terrorist training camps for inspection, hand over every terrorist and supporters to appropriate authorities
What did the US want most from the Taliban?
Osama Bin Laden, they refused to do
When did the US attack Afghanistan?
October 7 2001
What did the Taliban loose in December after the Us invaded?
Control of all major cities in Afghanistan
What continues to this day?
The war against the Taliban in Afghanistan
When did the Soviets begin to give aid to Afghanistan?
In the 1950's
What did the Soviets do when they invaded?
Built roads, pipelines, and irrigation systems
Who took over in the 1970's?
Afghanistan Communist Government
What did rural Afghans disagree with but tolerate when the Afghanistan Communist Government took over?
Women's rights and land distribution
How many soldiers did the Soviets bring over?
Which city was secured quickly after the Soviets invaded?
The capital, Kabul
Who was Babrak Karmel??
a puppet leader of the Soviets
Who were Mujahideen?
resistance fighters
Who proved to be difficult and met the Soviets with fierce resistance?
Afghan countryside people
What does Mujahideen mean?
Arabic for "religious war"
What did the Mujahideen proclaim of the Soviets? and then gained widespread support through the muslim world
Who else supported the Mujahideen?
The United Stated
Who employed guerilla tactics against the Soviets?
The mujahideen
Who housed the Mujahideen?
Civilian population in the countryside (led to many deaths in country side)
There was no_______________for the Mujahideen, making them hard for the Soviets to stamp out.
Central command
What injured numerous Afghans in the countryside?
Where were refugee camps and what were they like?
Pakistan, overcrowded and insanitary
Who sided with the US in condemning actions?
United Nations
When did the Soviets leave because of world pressure and undefeatable mujahideen?
The war became _________ for The Soviet Union
How did the US contribute to the Soviet defeat?
US developed anti-aircraft missiles
How many Afghans died or fled the country?
What happened between the US and the mujahideen?
They became enemies a decade later
What happened to the Soviet Union image and what did it cause?
Tarnished, led to collapse of Soviet Union