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n. a strong dislike, hostile feeling

S: hostility, enmity, aversion, bad blood

A: attraction, appeal, allure, sympathy


adj. capable of being applied, relevant, suitable

S: appropriate, fit, apt, apposite

A: inappropriate, unsuitable, irrelevant


n. something of value, a resource, an advantage

s: property, possession, holding, endowment

A: drawback, handicap, liability


v. to attack from all sides, to surround, hem in
adj. part. harassed, troubled, studded (as with jewels)

s: assail, harass, badger, pester, torment


n. sympathy for another's suffering; pity

S: concern, commiseration, empathy

A: indifference, callousness, heartlessness


n. proper behavior, good taste, orderliness

S: seemliness, good form, propriety

A: impropriety, bad form, bad taste


n. compulsion by threat; forcible confinement

s: intimidation, coercion

A: persuasion, coaxing, sweet talk, cajolery


adj: high spirited, enthusiastic, unrestrained, excessive, abundant

S: lively, ebullient, irrepressible, lavish

A: depressed, despondent, sulky, restrained


n. an exact copy

S: replica, duplicate, reproduction, clone

A: variation, modification, permutation


v. to drink, to take in, absorb

S: swallow, gulp, quaff, assimilate, digest

A: eject, emit, expel, discharge


adj. not to be satisfied or pacified, unyielding

S: relentless, inexorable, unappeasable

A: lenient, indulgent, permissive, flexible


adj. so small as o be almost immeasurable, minute

S: tiny, miniscule, microscopic, unnoticeable

A: vast, immense, huge, infinite


adj. harmless, inoffensive, insignificant

S: feeble, impotent, unobjectionable, insipid

A: harmful, dangerous, pernicious, toxic, virulent


v. to have effect or force on or against someone or something, fight against

s: counter, oppose, work against


n. exclusive rights over an invention; copyright
v. to arrange or obtain such rights
adj. plain, open to view, copyrighted

S: exclusive license, evident

A: concealed, hidden, secret, clandestine


n. distinguished bravery; superior skill or ability

S: valor, courage, heroism, mastery, proficiency

A: cowardice, incompetence, ineptitude


adj. quiet, settled, sober
v. to administer a tranquilizer

S: unruffled, composed, cool and collected

A: loud, brash, flashy, flamboyant, garish, flighty


adj. extremely loud

S: thundering, booming, deafening, earsplitting

A: hushed, inaudible, whispered, mute


v. to arrange specifically, to require as a condition of agreement

S: specify, contract, provide for


n. a final proposal or statement of conditions

s: final terms

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