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turn, turning movement

cor i mbealach

a turn in a road

cor cainte

turn of phrase, idiom

cor a chur ar dhuine

to give someone the slip

gan chor


Is trua liom do chor.

I am sorry for your plight.

Tá cor sá bhainne.

The milk is on the turn.

Den chor seo

at this turn of events, this time.

As cor

out of order

Ar aon chor

anyway, at any rate

snaidhm (br)

knot, bind, tie; unite, join

Shnaidhm siad iad féin ina chéile.

They embraced each other.

Snaidhmeadh le duine.

To unite (in marriage) with someone.

Cairdeas a shnaidhmeadh idir dhaoine.

To bind people together in friendship.

snaidhm (ainm)


snaidhm a chur

to tie a knot

Cuir snaidhm nó caillfidh tú dhá ghreim.

A stitch in time saves nine.

Is fusa snaidhm a chur ná a bhaint.

It is easier to enter into an obligation than to get out of it.

Bhí snaidhm ar mo chroí.

My heart was aching.

Tá snaidhmeanna ar a taobh ag gáire.

She is in stitches from laughing.

Bhí snaidhm ar mo theanga.

I was tongue-tied; My lips were sealed.

na cealla

the churchyards

na maidineacha

the mornings

na sochraidí

the funerals

cré na gceall

the clay of the churchyards

na fiacla

the teeth

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