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  1. discrete
  2. alopecia
  3. cyanosis
  4. edema
  5. striae
  1. a blue looking; tissues don't have adequate blood
  2. b stretch marks
  3. c fluid accumulating in the intercellular spaces
  4. d hair loss
  5. e individual lesions remain seperate

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  1. extra nipple along milk line
  2. increased blood flow; expected with erythema
  3. glass like quality the decreases the lense's ability to change shape to accommodate
  4. hearing test where tuning fork is placed on the middle of the skull
  5. encapsulated fluid-filled cavity in the dermis or subcutaneous later; tensely elevating the skin

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  1. nystagmousfine oscillating movement best seen around iris


  2. otoriheadischarge from ear


  3. epistaxisnose bleed


  4. urticariacavities


  5. ottis mediadischarge from ear


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