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  1. colitis
  2. objective vertigo
  3. cyanosis
  4. turgor
  5. tinnitus
  1. a blue looking; tissues don't have adequate blood
  2. b skin's ability to return to place
  3. c inflammation of the abdomen
  4. d ringing in the ear
  5. e room feels like it is spinning around

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  1. tooth loss
  2. erythematous papules and vessicles with weeping oozing and crusts
  3. never having children
  4. bloating of abdomen
  5. lesion that changes over time or changes because of a factor

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  1. guardingperson tightens up muscles in abdomen and nothing felt


  2. CN IVtrigeminal nerve


  3. hirustismringing in the ear


  4. exudatedischarge in mouth


  5. convergenceeyes move together


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