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  1. eructation
  2. atopic dermatitis (ezcema)
  3. cyanosis
  4. patch
  5. peristalsis
  1. a burping
  2. b solely color change, flat and circumscribed, > 1 cm
  3. c movement of digestion
  4. d blue looking; tissues don't have adequate blood
  5. e erythematous papules and vessicles with weeping oozing and crusts

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  1. skin's ease of rising
  2. liver spots
  3. injury resulting in hemmorage; a bruise
  4. skin's ability to return to place
  5. difficulty swallowing

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  1. colitisinflammation of the abdomen


  2. convergenceeyes move together


  3. edemaencapsulated fluid-filled cavity in the dermis or subcutaneous later; tensely elevating the skin


  4. alopeciainflammation of the abdomen


  5. guardingcavities