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  1. objective vertigo
  2. eccymosis
  3. urticaria
  4. presbyopia
  5. CN V
  1. a glass like quality the decreases the lense's ability to change shape to accommodate
  2. b room feels like it is spinning around
  3. c trigeminal nerve
  4. d hives
  5. e bruising

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  1. never having children
  2. solely color change, flat and circumscribed, <1 cm
  3. intense redness of skin; common with fever and inflamation
  4. fine oscillating movement best seen around iris
  5. blue looking; tissues don't have adequate blood

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  1. jaundiceelevated cavity containing free fluid, up to 1 cm; clear serum flows if wall ruptured


  2. rhinitisinflammation of the abdomen


  3. CN Iolfatory nerve


  4. colitiscavities


  5. psoriasisscaly erythematous path with silvery scales on top