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  1. pallor
  2. pryosis
  3. caries
  4. consensual light reflex
  5. hirustism
  1. a excessive body hair especially in children and females; has male hair distrubution
  2. b simultaneous constriction
  3. c cavities
  4. d heartburn
  5. e white color of the skin

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  1. fluid accumulating in the intercellular spaces
  2. lesion that develops on previously unaltered skin
  3. person tightens up muscles in abdomen and nothing felt
  4. nose bleed
  5. inflammation of the abdomen

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  1. presbyopiaglass like quality the decreases the lense's ability to change shape to accommodate


  2. CN XVagus


  3. exocriationscaly erythematous path with silvery scales on top


  4. distentionindividual lesions remain seperate


  5. turgorskin's ability to return to place


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