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  1. distention
  2. eccymosis
  3. rhinitis
  4. secondary lesion
  5. patch
  1. a solely color change, flat and circumscribed, > 1 cm
  2. b sinuses
  3. c bruising
  4. d lesion that changes over time or changes because of a factor
  5. e bloating of abdomen

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  1. skin's ability to return to place
  2. increased blood flow; expected with erythema
  3. ringing in the ear
  4. discharge from ear
  5. elevated cavity containing free fluid, up to 1 cm; clear serum flows if wall ruptured

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  1. peristalsismovement of digestion


  2. pallorsomething that can be felt; caused by superficial thickening of the epidermis


  3. cysttrigeminal nerve


  4. edentulloustooth loss


  5. port wine staindischarge from ear