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  1. CN XII
  2. mobility
  3. rhinitis
  4. senile lentigines
  5. alopecia
  1. a liver spots
  2. b sinuses
  3. c hair loss
  4. d skin's ease of rising
  5. e hypoglossal

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  1. you feel like your spinning around
  2. tooth loss
  3. encapsulated fluid-filled cavity in the dermis or subcutaneous later; tensely elevating the skin
  4. intense itching
  5. white color of the skin

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  1. CN XVagus


  2. convergencelesions run together


  3. mogolian spotcommon variation of hyperpigmentation in all but white babies


  4. turgorwhite color of the skin


  5. edemaintense redness of skin; common with fever and inflamation