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  1. cyst
  2. supernumeray nipple
  3. primary lesion
  4. confluent
  5. CN X
  1. a extra nipple along milk line
  2. b Vagus
  3. c encapsulated fluid-filled cavity in the dermis or subcutaneous later; tensely elevating the skin
  4. d lesions run together
  5. e lesion that develops on previously unaltered skin

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  1. Oculomotor
  2. something that can be felt; caused by superficial thickening of the epidermis
  3. olfatory nerve
  4. abducens
  5. hearing test where tuning fork is placed on the mastoid process and then in front of the ear canal

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  1. hyperemiahair loss


  2. striaecavities


  3. consensual light reflexsimultaneous constriction


  4. secondary lesionself inflected abrassion


  5. direct light reflexpupil constrict on the same size of pupil