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  1. psoriasis
  2. guarding
  3. CN VI
  4. CN V
  5. red reflex
  1. a person tightens up muscles in abdomen and nothing felt
  2. b reflection of opthalmoscope of inner retina
  3. c abducens
  4. d trigeminal nerve
  5. e scaly erythematous path with silvery scales on top

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  1. disease in lymph nodes with enlarged >1 cm from infection, allergy or neoplasm
  2. white color of the skin
  3. circular, begins in center and spreads out
  4. extra nipple along milk line
  5. lesion that changes over time or changes because of a factor

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  1. hyperemiaincreased blood flow; expected with erythema


  2. CN XIIVagus


  3. direct light reflexpupil constrict on the same size of pupil


  4. striaecavities


  5. primary lesionlesion that develops on previously unaltered skin