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It's a nice day.

Tha latha math ann.

It is lovely.

Tha i brèagha.

It is warm.

Tha i blàth.

It is wet.

Tha i fliuch.

It is cold.

Tha i fuar.

It is ___ today, isn't it?

Tha i ___ an-diugh, nach eil?

It is snowing.

Tha an sneachd ann.

It is raining.

Tha an t-uisge ann.

It's time for you ___.

Tha an t-àm agad ___.

... to get up

... èirigh

... to eat

... ithe

... to go out

... a dhol a-mach

... to play

... cluich

... to go to bed

... a dhol dhan leabaidh

the weather

an t-side ["un tchee·juh"]

It is dry.

Tha i tioram.

It is hot.

Tha i teth. ["tcheh"]

It is damp.

Tha i tais.

It is bright.

Tha i soilleir. ["sullyer"]

It is dark.

Tha i dorch.

It is windy.

Tha i gaothach. ["gue·och"]

It is very wet.

Tha i glè fhliuch. ["glae looch"]

It is too hot.

Tha i ro theth. ["ro heh"]

It is somewhat cold.

Tha i caran fuar.

It is terribly warm.

Tha i uabhasach blàth. ["oo·uvussoch blah"]

What kind of weather did you have?

Dè seòrsa side a bh'agaibh? ["jae shawrsuh shee·juh uh vackuv?"]

good weather

side bhrèagha

poor weather

droch shide

It is sunny.

Tha i grianach.

Yes, indeed.

'S e gu dearbh. ["sheh goo jarrav"]

Isn't it getting cold?

Nach e tha 'fàs fuar.

It was colder yesterday than it is today.

Bha e na b'fhuaire 'n-dè na tha e 'n-diugh. ["vah eh nub oo·urrun jae na ha en joo"]

Is it raining?

A bheil uisg' ann? ["uh vil ooshk ya·oon?"]

It is [raining].


It is not [raining].

Chan eil.

Has the rain stopped?

An do sguir an t-uisge? ["un daw skoor untooshk·yuh?"]

It has [stopped raining].


It has not [stopped raining].

Cha do sguir.

The sun's shining.

Tha a'ghrian a'deàrrsadh. ["ha ghree·un uh jar·sugh"]

weather forecast

roimh-innse na sìde ["roy eenshuh nu shee·juh"]

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