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  1. temperature
  2. cell mediated immunity
  3. antibiotic resistance
  4. plasmid
  5. immunity
  1. a an extra piece of DNA in a bacterial cell; they often carry antibiotic resistance genes
  2. b warm blood to surface that enhances phagocytosis, inhibits bacteria
  3. c term which refers to the bacterium's ability to grow in the presence of an antibiotic
  4. d immune response by T cells to fight off antigens in the blood
  5. e all mechanisms used by the body to protect itself from all things foreign

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  1. pathogen remains inactive a long period of time before becoming active
  2. an antigen with many epitopes
  3. reduce number of pathogens on surfaces to meet public health standards
  4. initial infection that is the cause of illness
  5. nonspecific response to tissue damage resulting from a variety of causes

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  1. antiserumblood protein produced in response to a foreign substance; molecules present in the blood stream


  2. antitoxinantibodies that bind to toxins and neutralize them


  3. exotoxintoxins that are secreted that either destroy host cells or interfere with host metabolism


  4. complementa family of blood proteins which have a role in both the non-specific immune response and in the specific immune response.


  5. sebumunsat. fatty acid chain; shorter is better that helps stop fungi