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  1. antibotics
  2. nosocomial infection
  3. endemic
  4. epidemiology
  5. defined growth media
  1. a know exactly what and how much is in there
  2. b produced compounds that inhibit growth
  3. c a disease that occurs continually at a stable incidence with in a population
  4. d hospital acquired infection
  5. e study of where and when diseases occur and how they are transmitted within populations

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  1. communicable disease that is easily transmitted from person to person
  2. a family of blood proteins which have a role in both the non-specific immune response and in the specific immune response.
  3. white blood cells
  4. tissue damage in one trigger
  5. develops slowly with long duration; sometimes reoccurring

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  1. enterotoxintoxins that specifically interfere with nerve cell function


  2. histaminechange in health due to infection


  3. lymph nodesdrug triggers massive response in body against drug; mediated by IgE


  4. bone marrowsteam cells give rise to all blood cells here


  5. invasivenessability of a pathogen to invade the body


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