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  1. infection
  2. Fc
  3. pathogenesis
  4. delayed hypersensitivity
  5. dermonecrotic toxin
  1. a bottom of heavy chain that is the same in all molecules
  2. b invasion of the body by a pathogen
  3. c the course of disease; it's development
  4. d T-Cells release lymphokines, macrophages which accumulate and undergo activitation, peaks at 24-48 hours
  5. e a bacterial toxin which destroys the 'dermis' or skin

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  1. fraction of population contracting disease during a particular period
  2. engulf and destroy foreign matter
  3. produced compounds that inhibit growth
  4. microbes that colonize the surface of the body without causing disease
  5. exaggerated response, the antibody associated with allergies

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  1. prostoglandinbreaks down lipids that are part of the cell membrane


  2. IgGthe most abundant antibody in the blood; cross cell walls of blood vessels and placenta


  3. B- cells (lymphocytes)made and mature in the bone marrow; just produce antibodies


  4. diseasecan grow in disinfection solution; common to soil and water


  5. memory cellspart of anamnesic response; have for the rest of your life just waiting to attack