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  1. T-helpers
  2. fomites
  3. normal flora
  4. exotoxin
  5. parenteral infection
  1. a an inanimate object which transmits a pathogen
  2. b toxins that are secreted that either destroy host cells or interfere with host metabolism
  3. c microbes that colonize the surface of the body without causing disease
  4. d infection where there is a damage to the barrier, the microbe is depositied directly into tissue
  5. e regulate B cells, antibody production

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  1. the cause of disease
  2. reduce number of pathogens present
  3. travel to site to destroy antigent subpopulation with same receptor, different function
  4. pathogen remains inactive a long period of time before becoming active
  5. agents kills pathogen on skin

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  1. adherenceattachment to tissue


  2. antibiotic resistancedelayed and short lived, IgM first than IgG


  3. endemicdisease that occurs at greater frequencies than normal


  4. septicemiacapillary dilation causes increases permeability fluid loss to tissues


  5. collagenaseenzyme which breaks down collagen, a connective tissue material in our body