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  1. heterotroph
  2. dermonecrotic toxin
  3. contagious
  4. toxemia
  5. histamine
  1. a toxins are in the bloodstream
  2. b an organism uses organic molecules for growth and development
  3. c vasoactive chemical which causes blood vessels to dilate
  4. d communicable disease that is easily transmitted from person to person
  5. e a bacterial toxin which destroys the 'dermis' or skin

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  1. exaggerated response, the antibody associated with allergies
  2. family inducible proteins
  3. infection is in a small area of the body
  4. the ability of microbe to cause disease
  5. massive lymphocyte reaction; very strong response

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  1. erythemahistamine increases blood flow via area with capillary dilation


  2. delayed hypersensitivityanimals that transmit disease from hosts


  3. Thymusobjective changes because of disease that can be observed by others


  4. infectionnonspecific response to tissue damage resulting from a variety of causes


  5. antiboticsbacterial toxins which kill or lyse cells