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  1. IgG
  2. epidemic
  3. heterophile antigen
  4. temperature
  5. prostoglandin
  1. a disease that occurs at greater frequencies than normal
  2. b the most abundant antibody in the blood; cross cell walls of blood vessels and placenta
  3. c enhances infects
  4. d warm blood to surface that enhances phagocytosis, inhibits bacteria
  5. e an antigen with many epitopes

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  1. pathogens spread from one host to another by fomites
  2. term which refers to the bacterium's ability to grow in the presence of an antibiotic
  3. causes plasma to clot
  4. change in health due to infection
  5. objective changes because of disease that can be observed by others

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  1. noncontagiouscommunicable disease that is easily transmitted from person to person


  2. transient floramicrobes that remain in body only for short period of time


  3. systemic infectionagents kills pathogen on skin


  4. contact dermatitistoxins that affect the cells lining the gastrointestinal tract


  5. acute diseasedevelops rapidly and lasts only a short time


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