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  1. IgM
  2. incidence of disease
  3. primary response
  4. antibody
  5. T-killer
  1. a fraction of population contracting disease during a particular period
  2. b go to foreign agent, kill
  3. c first antibody produced; blood stream reactive antibody
  4. d blood protein produced in response to a foreign substance; molecules present in the blood stream
  5. e delayed and short lived, IgM first than IgG

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  1. an extra piece of DNA in a bacterial cell; they often carry antibiotic resistance genes
  2. T-Cells release lymphokines, macrophages which accumulate and undergo activitation, peaks at 24-48 hours
  3. the course of disease; it's development
  4. a bacterial toxin which destroys the 'dermis' or skin
  5. warm blood to surface that enhances phagocytosis, inhibits bacteria

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  1. aspesisprimary site of antigen production; traps and concentrates antigens


  2. antiboticsforeing substance to body; usually protein or a carb, or a small molecule sticking off of a carb; bacterial cell are cell components


  3. anamnesic responsetissue damage in one trigger


  4. faculative anaerobesenzyme which breaks down collagen, a connective tissue material in our body


  5. primary infectioninitial infection that is the cause of illness