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  1. cytotoxin
  2. prostoglandin
  3. direct contact
  4. syndrome
  5. pain
  1. a group of symptoms and signs that collectively characterize a particular disease or abnormal condition
  2. b enhances infects
  3. c bacterial toxins which kill or lyse cells
  4. d leukocyte death releases bradykinin and prostoglandin
  5. e person to person spread

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  1. breaks down hyaluronic acid
  2. ability of a pathogen to invade the body
  3. the antibody immune response used by B cells to fight antigens in blood
  4. foreing substance to body; usually protein or a carb, or a small molecule sticking off of a carb; bacterial cell are cell components
  5. nonspecific response to tissue damage resulting from a variety of causes

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  1. IgEunknown function


  2. phospholipasebreaks down hyaluronic acid


  3. bacteriostasismost numerous phagocyte in blood made in bone narrow and short lived


  4. reservoirs of infectionsites where pathogens are maintained as a source of infection


  5. faculative anaerobesswitch metabolism