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  1. complement
  2. incidence of disease
  3. signs
  4. IgE
  5. heterotroph
  1. a a family of blood proteins which have a role in both the non-specific immune response and in the specific immune response.
  2. b fraction of population contracting disease during a particular period
  3. c exaggerated response, the antibody associated with allergies
  4. d an organism uses organic molecules for growth and development
  5. e objective changes because of disease that can be observed by others

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  1. first antibody produced; blood stream reactive antibody
  2. microbes that colonize the surface of the body without causing disease
  3. remain part of the normal flora of person throughout their life
  4. hospital acquired infection
  5. switch metabolism

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  1. prostoglandintoxins that are secreted that either destroy host cells or interfere with host metabolism


  2. painpresents a fairly stiff boundary in which most antibodies can't pass through unless broken


  3. antiserumforeing substance to body; usually protein or a carb, or a small molecule sticking off of a carb; bacterial cell are cell components


  4. prevalence of diseasefraction of population with disease


  5. humoral immunitythe antibody immune response used by B cells to fight antigens in blood


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