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  1. superantigen
  2. faculative anaerobes
  3. disease
  4. heterophile antigen
  5. lymphocyte
  1. a massive lymphocyte reaction; very strong response
  2. b cells of immune response
  3. c an antigen with many epitopes
  4. d switch metabolism
  5. e change in health due to infection

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  1. subjective characteristics of a disease that can be felt by the patient alone
  2. study of where and when diseases occur and how they are transmitted within populations
  3. reactive portion of antigen that determines immune response
  4. bacterial toxins which kill or lyse cells
  5. infection where there is a damage to the barrier, the microbe is depositied directly into tissue

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  1. vector transmissionanimals that transmit disease from hosts


  2. exfoliationscalded skin syndrome; skin becomes loose from base


  3. temperaturepresents a fairly stiff boundary in which most antibodies can't pass through unless broken


  4. nosocomial infectionhospital acquired infection


  5. enterotoxintoxins that affect the cells lining the gastrointestinal tract