52 terms

Constitution 1

52 Vocabulary Words
Lies to Damage character/Not protected
under freedom of speech
"Prior Restraint"
Gvt Censorship Freedom of the Press/ 1st Amendment
Gvt promotes a Religion
Not allowed 1st Amendment
Free Exercise
Gvt can not interfere in your religion
1st Amendment
Right to Privacy
9th Amendment provides
Cruel and Unusual Punishment
8th Amendment protects against
Gideon vs. Wainwright
Panama City Right to Lawyer case
6th Amendment
Right to Counsel
6th Amendment Right to a Lawyer
Speedy Trial
Usually waived to prepare defense
Must show evidence and witness list
Double Jeopardy
Tried Twice for same crime 5th
Prohibits This
Miranda vs. Arizona
Rape Case Defendant not read rights
Led to Miranda Card 5th Amendment
U.S. vs. The New York Times
Nixon tries to Censor NYTimes
Freedom of the Press 1st Amendment
The Pentagon Papers
Private Records showed Nixon Lied about Vietnam 1st Amendment
"Taking the 5th"
No Self Incrimination required
Police Must read you rights/4th
Mapp vs. Ohio
Illegal Search/Evidence disallowed
4th Amendment
Eminent Domain
Good of the Kingdom/ Government takes your property but must pay/part of Quartering
Waiting Period
Arms restriction/2nd Amendment
Personally meet your representative protected by 1st
Initiative: Recall/Repeal
Use petition to get rid of Law/Official
1st Amendment
Buffer Zones
Limitation on Assembly/ not allowed to block entrances
Tinker Vs. De Moines
Armband Protest/Symbolic case/ 1st amendment
TLO vs. New Jersey
School Search Case/4th amendment
Hazelwood vs. Kuhlmeier
School Newspaper Censored/ allowed since school owns newspaper/ 1st amendment
Women's right to vote
19th Amendment
18 year old vote
26th Amendment
Abolition of Slavery
13th Amendment
Importance of the 14th Amendment
Expanded Due Process to State Government
6 parts of the Preamble
Goals of the Constitution
Ben Franklin
Compromiser at the Convention/Convinced others to vote yes
Thomas Jefferson
In France but Demanded Bill of Rights in Letter to Madison
Alexander Hamilton
Author of Federalist Papers/Strong National Gvt and leading Federalist
Sam Adams
Sick/Against Constitution
John Adams
In England/ Favored Constitution
Thomas Paine
Questioned new Government/Moved to France
Patrick Henry
Did not attend Convention/Smelled a Rat tending toward Monarchy
George Mason
Attended Convention but leading AntiFederalist
James Madison
Primary Author of Constitution and TJ's close friend
Articles of Confederation Becomes Our Government
Constitutional Convention Held in Philadelphia
Treaty of Paris ends Revolution
Declaration of Independence Signed
Revolutionary War Begins
Foreign Slave Trade Outlawed
Constitution Becomes Our government after 9 states ratify
Three Branches of Government
Legislative, Executive, Judicial
Amendment 1 Freedoms
How judges selected
Appted by Prez/ Approved by Senate for "GOOD Behavior"
Electoral college
Elects President
Formula: 2 Senators+#Members of the House= # Electors
Social Contract
Agreement Between the Government and its people Give up certain rights for protection and stability
John Locke
Wrote Two Treatises of Civil Government and Idea of Natural Rights of Life Liberty and Property