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  1. watershed
  2. base level
  3. antecedent streams
  4. incised meanders
  5. deposition
  1. a stream cuts deep channel as land is uplifted (i.e. stream channel is maintained as an anticline is forming resulting in the stream cutting through the structure instead of following beside it)
  2. b total area that drains into a particular stream
  3. c previously established meanders in area that is being uplifted-
    form from deep downcutting of meandering stream through hard bedrock. Shape of meanders is
    preserved in river canyon shape
  4. d stream will cut channel down to base level (ultimate base level is sea level); local base level could be larger than stream or lake
  5. e braided streams, meandering streams, floodplain deposits, deltas, alluvial fans

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  1. ...
  2. form when the stream flows into larger body of calm water and sediment load is deposited
  3. topographic feature separating water sheds
  4. slope over which the stream flows (i.e. if the headwaters are at 1000 meters and the stream flows 500 km to the sea, the gradient is 1000m/500km= 2m/km)
  5. base level, gullies/canyons/gorges, superposed streams, antecedent streams, steam terraces, incised meanders

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  1. dischargetopographic feature separating water sheds


  2. alluvial fansform when the stream flows into larger body of calm water and sediment load is deposited


  3. erosionphysical removal of particles by either abrasion, movement, or dissolution


  4. gullies, canyons, and gorgesdirect rain, surface run-off, soil moisture, and groundwater


  5. hydrologic cyclepath water takes from ocean, evaporation, precipitation, surface flow, transpiration, groundwater flow, and return to ocean