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  1. gullies, canyons, and gorges
  2. suspended load
  3. dissolved load
  4. flow characteristics
  5. floodplain deposits
  1. a levees
  2. b gradient, velocity, discharge
  3. c ...
  4. d down cutting occurs when stream has more energy than is required to carry its sediment load
  5. e smaller particles that move with the water- too small to settle out. Whether a particular particle is transported or not and how it is transported depends on the energy level of the stream and the size and shape of the particle

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  1. physical removal of particles by either abrasion, movement, or dissolution
  2. lobe-shaped deposits similar to deltas but adjacent to highlands; typically arid to semi-arid conditions
  3. stream cuts deep channel as land is uplifted (i.e. stream channel is maintained as an anticline is forming resulting in the stream cutting through the structure instead of following beside it)
  4. total area that drains into a particular stream
  5. distance per unit time (i.e m/sec); varies greatly within and between streams

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  1. dividetopographic feature separating water sheds


  2. deltasform when the stream flows into larger body of calm water and sediment load is deposited


  3. hydrologic cycledistance per unit time (i.e m/sec); varies greatly within and between streams


  4. bed loadlarger material that moves along the bottom of the stream


  5. meandering streamspoint bars, oxbow lakes