Vocab Energizer 2 Ch. 5-6 Origins

17 terms by nickho368

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the love goddess Venus


French nobleman Marquis de Sade


Mrs. Malaprop in the play "The Rivals" (1775) by Irish-English playwright Richard Sheridan


outlaw brothers Frank and Jessie James; other James brothers, Henry and William, were great writers


Grimm's fairy tale "King Thrushbeard"


Andrew Marvel's 17th century seduction poem "To HIs Coy Mistress"


Greek and Latin word adamas; baseball umpires are adamant


Indo-European root word yug ("join"); in Sanskrit, = union of the individual soul with the Infinite, aka God

abominable, ominous

Greeks and Romans believed gods sent signals; 2 words


root word for feel, think


"Despot" = title of emperor and high church official in Byzantine Empire; Alexander the Great and Kublai Kahn are famous examples


a young, flightless bird, called a "gull" in some parts of England


Snow White


sailers of ancient ships felt relieved when they could unload their cargo


French "clicher" means to click


Latin tritus (worn out); hackneyed, a synonym of this word, comes from the town Hackney near London, famous for its horses

melancholy, choleric, phlegmatic, sanguine

traditional Oriental philosophy, psychology, and medicine emphasized balance between yin and yang; 4 words

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