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1960 election of lincoln

reasons for southern succession?

robert e lee

an excellent military leader for the south. stayed because of virgina

ulysses s grant

military leader for the north. war in the west. captured four henry and four donelson.

george mc clellan

union commander. this mans strategy was used to take richmond in the peninsula campaign. often hesistant to commit his men to battle

abraham lincoln

president during the civil war.

jefferson davis

provisional president of the confederacy

northern strategy

anaconda plan. control of the mississppi river would enable them to penetrate deep into the other territory.

southern strategy

quick attack. shatter the others morale aand disrupot communications. win european support and bring the war to a speedy end

northern advantages

huge population. enjoyed the economic advantag. could move troops and supplies with ease. nations railroad. us navy

southern advantages

excellent military leadership.

northern economy

100,000 jobs for women in arsenals, factoties and sewing rooms. volunteer groups to raise money

southern economy

patriotic events/parades. public figures urged men to join the army and wealthy members of scoiety pledged money to buy arms and uniforms

battle of antietam

bloodiest battle in american history. two union soldiers found lees battle plans wrapped around his cigar pack and counterattacked

battle of bull run

manassas. first battle. southern victory

battle of gettysburg

picketts charge. meade vs lee. lee attacked in virginia. critical turning point in the war. union victory

attack of fort sumter

the south needed the fort in order to control access to this major port city. souther victory

emancipation proclamation

all slaves living in areas still rebelling against the united states would be free. only applied to southern states.


type of posionous snake. were mainly northern democrats who sympathized with the south but did not actively interfere with the war effort


southerner who supported northern causes

new york city riots

large riots about not wanting the young men to be drafted

appomatax courthouse

where general robert e lee surrendered to the union forces


rebuilding the former confederate states and reuniting the nation

freedman's burea

aided the milliions of sotuherners that were left homless and hungry after the civil war

john wilkes booth

man that killed abraham lincoln in the ford's theater

jim crow laws

laws required states sepearate railways cars for african americans and whites. seperation of races


would give a full pardon to all southerners who would swear allegiance to the us constituiton and accept federal laws ending slavery

frederick douglass

publically supported voting rights for african americans


president during reconstrucion, after lincoln, violated the tenure of office act

thaddeus stevens

insisted that african americans be given the right to vote.

civil rights act of 1866

the first civil rights law in the nations history. declared taht everyone born in the uniter states was a citizen with full civial rights BUT did not guarantee voting rights

radical republicans

wanted to create a new south and help the african americans

tenure of office act

act that johnson violated, causing himself to be impeached. fired a senator. required senator approval of a replacement before the president could remove an appoiined offical who had been confirmed by the senate.


northerns that moved to the south during reconstruction looking fir wealth, land or to help the freed black men

reconstruction act of 1867

divided the south into 5 distrcits

compromise of 1877

end of reconstruction. the republicans afreed to withdraw the remaining federal troops from the south


farming system resebling slavery

black codes

laws preventing blacks from achieving social, political, and economic equalirt with southern whites


lacked policical experience but was a hero of war. president during the electrion of 1868

plessy vs ferguseen

a lawsuit borught in 1896n after african american was denied a seat in a first class railway car. SEPERATE BUT EQUAL!

enforcement act of 1875

designed to stop violence against aafrican americans


attacking an black people and some republicANS. most were former conferates


wanted whites to control the south

cival war ammendments

13 14 15`

13 ammendment

abolished slavery

14 ammendment

gave everyone the right to vote and southerner should be punished for no allowing voting

15th amm3nement

all rafes can vote regardless of color. this angered women

andrew carnegie

cirportation, stock


oil industry


the system uner which the government or worker coopedratives own most factories, utiliti9es, and transportation adn communication systems


investigative journlaists became known as this

samuel gompers

leader of the afl and used the same organizational structure as trusts

18th ammendment

barred the amnufacture sale and disriibution of alcoholic beverages

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