73 terms

U.S. History Semester 2

America built the Panama Canal after helping them break away from ___.
The govt. guaranteed loans made made to foreign countries by American Businesses under ___.
dollar diplomacy
The ___ gave the US the right to intervene in Cuba.
Platt Amendment
The US declared war on Spain after the ___ blew up.
USS Maine
Reasons for American imperialism included ___, ___, and ___.
a desire for military strength, a thirst for new markets, belief in cultural superiority
___ wanted Hawaiians to control their own government.
Queen Liliuokalani
___ was a bandit from Mexico who raided American villages.
Pancho Villa
The ___ called for equal trade rights for all nations in China.
Open Door Policy
The ___ attempted to drive foreigners out of China.
Boxer Rebellion
The ___ was an important calvary unit ledy by Theodore Roosevelt.
Rough Riders
___ uses sensationalized stories to get more readers.
yellow journalism
Secretary of State ___ arranged the purchase of Alaska from Russia.
William Seward
The US failed to ratify the Treaty of ___.
___ is the use of biased communication to influence public opinion.
The ___ used destroyers to escort merchant ships across the Atlantic.
Convoy System
The purpose of the ___ was to prevent future wars.
League of Nations
Germany was required to make ___ payments to Allies after WWI.
During WWI the Food Administration called on the public to follow ___.
The Gospel of the Clean Plate
The ___ proposed a secret alliance between Germany and Mexico.
Zimmerman Note
___'s declaration of war on ___ started WWI.
Austria-Hungary, Serbia
___ during WWI caused armies to fight back and forth over land.
trench warfare
The ___ was a British passenger ship sunk by German U-boats.
New weapons during WWI include ___, ___, ___, and ___.
machine guns, tanks, airplanes, poison gas
The ___ called for mass production and elimination of waste during WWI.
War Industries Board
The ___ allowed for Americans to pay for their purchases overtime.
installment plan
The ___ was the first automobile to be mass produced in the US.
Ford Model T
The ___ involved the leasing of public lands rich in oil.
Teapot Dome Scandal
The use of ___ power in the 1920's transformed American homes and factories.
Secretary of State ___ urged that no more warships be built for 10 years.
Charles E. Hughes
___ are people opposed to any form of government.
The ___ raised some import taxes up to 60 percent.
Fordney-McCumber Tarriff
The ___ was an attempt to make war illegal as a national policy.
Kellogg-Briand Pact
The ___ was used to limit immigration from each country.
quota system
___ is the policy of withdrawing from world affairs.
President ___ said that the chief business of the American people is business.
Lenin lead the ___ rise to power in Russia.
Illegal saloons in the 1920's were known as ___.
The ___ was an artistic movement celebrating African American culture.
Harlem Renaissance
___ was a leading poet who described the lives of working class African Americans.
Langston Hughes
___ were women who smoked and drank in public.
___ was the most popular baseball player of the 1920's.
Babe Ruth
___ was the most powerful new form of communication in the 1920's.
___ was the movement to band the making, selling, transporting, and drinking of alcohol.
___ became the crime boss of Chicago in the 1920's.
Al Capone
___ was the first pilot to make a solo flight across the Atlantic.
Charles Lindbergh
___ believed all important knowlege came from the Bible.
___ was fined for teaching the theory of evolution.
John T. Scopes
___ was a leading jazz trumepter in the 1920's.
Louis Armstrong
___ were transients who wandered the country hitching rides on railroads.
___ was the President when the Depression began.
Herbert Hoover
The ___ was a group of WWI veterans who wanted an early pension payment.
Bonus Army
Buying stocks ___ meant that a person used borrowed money.
on margin
Causes of the Great Depression include: ___, ___, and ___.
High tariffs, a decrease in farm prices, availability of easy credit.
The ___ is used to track stock prices over time.
Dow-Jones Average
The ___ was caused by extended drought, high winds, and overproduction of land.
Dust Bowl
The ___ provided federal money to banks and other large businesses.
Reconstruction Finance Coorporation
___ was the day the stock market crashed.
Black Tuesday
___ provided free food for the needy during the Great Depression.
soup kitchens
___ were communities built from scrap materials.
shanty towns
___ meant that people should succeed on their own rather than depending on the government.
rugged individualism
___ was a popular book about migrant farm workers during the Dust Bowl/Great Depression.
The Grapes of Wrath
The ___ helped create electricity and prevent floods.
The ___ employed young men ages 8-25 to build roads and develope parks.
FDR appointed ___ to be commissioner of Indian affairs.
John Collier
The ___ paid farmers to reduce their crop production.
The ___ was declared by FDR so all banks could be inspected.
bank holiday
The ___ provided income for retirees at age 65.
Social Security Act
The ___ acts as a mediator in desputes between unions and employers.
The ___ provided federal insurance for XXXXXXXX.
Grant Wood's painting ___ depicted a farmer and a wife.
American Gothic
The policy of ___ means that the government spends more than it has.
deficit spending
___ became the first female cabinet member as Secretary of Labor.
Frances Perkins
The ___ allowed workers to join unions and gather collectively.
Wagner Act